The secret Coles product that will transform your sink like never before

Why did I not buy this sooner?! My sink looks brand new again!'

Has your sink seen better days?

Sometimes no matter how much we scrub and polish it, all sorts of stains remain – especially when it comes to our laundry sinks. 

Well it seems mums all over the country have fallen under the spell of Bar Keepers Friend – available from Coles, where it’s on special this week – to make their sinks sparkling new.Bar Keepers Friend – a cleaning paste and polish – has long been regarded as the best product to remove stubborn soap scum from shower screens.But now mums are sharing their amazing transformation on sinks they never thought would be clean again, using the miracle ‘BKF’.
Sharing photos of her transformation (top of page) on the fabulous Mums Who Clean Facebook page, Karly writes: ‘Finally went and bought Bar Keepers Friend and wow… 😍😍 I could never get my laundry sink clean!! ‘I just wet the sink and sprinkled on the powered then scrubbed – just the instructions on the tin.’I bought mine from Coles $6!’Anothermum Toni-Lee shared a photo of her transformation, writing: ‘I just did ours and this is an older sink that has probably never been polished before.’
(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)
Fellow member Holly wrote: ‘Why did I not buy this sooner?! My sink looks brand new again!’
Holly couldn’t believe the results she achieved. (Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)
Many of the group’s followers were keen to share their BKF joy.Saidone:‘I was very impressed with it. And a very fussy cleaner, and have try most stuff.’ Added another: ‘So did I this morning I am a cleaner and I was very happy with the product!’Said a third: ‘I had to go to quite a few Coles and Woolies to find it because everyone is on the BKF bandwagon, but once I used it I was hooked. It’s a game changer.’

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