Iconic US fast food chain Chuck E. Cheese to open in Australia

Locations have yet to be confirmed.
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American fast-food chain Chuck E. Cheese has announced that it will be opening restaurants around Australia in the not-so-distant future.

Featuring cheap and cheerful eats such as cheesy pizzas and finger-lickin’ good barbecue wings, the name is synonymous with arcade-style games, the giant mouse mascot that it’s named after, and of course kids’ birthday parties. 

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And now the US pizza chain is coming down under, expanding its international presence and entering the Australian market for the first time. 

Founded in Texas in 1977, each restaurant houses everything from amusement rides to musical shows, ball pits to crawl tubes, animatronic shows and trampolines, and of course food for a fun family day out. 

Currently, the business has over 500 stores worldwide, in 17 (soon to be 18) countries and territories globally. 

It is unclear when the first Chuck E. Cheese store will open its doors in Australia. (Credit: Getty)

Royale Hospitality Group is the brainchild behind bringing the popular chain restaurant to Australia after signing a business partnership with Chuck E. Cheese in January 2024. 

According to the group, “active scouting” is currently underway to find the perfect locations to open the first Chuck E. Cheese venues in each state and territory. 

It is currently unclear when the first Chuck. E Cheese restaurants will open in Australia, but a spokesperson for the business has confirmed that these locations will include “trampolines, video walls, and dance floors, along with climbing and soft play elements found in many of (Chuck E. Cheese’s) international locations.” 

Chuck E. Cheese venues hosts half a million kids birthday parties every year globally. (Credit: Getty)

Chief Operating Officer of Chuck E. Cheese International Mario Centola called the business a “powerful global brand… centered around the timeless essence of family fun,” in a press release announcing the exciting launch news. 

“We are thrilled to bring the magic of Chuck E. Cheese to Australia and to collaborate with the Royale Hospitality Group, a partner that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional family experiences,” he said. 

Royale Hospitality Group Managing Director Ray Strauss shared in this excitement, sharing that the partnership was a “momentous step towards establishing Chuck E. Cheese as the premier destination for families seeking an unparalleled kid-centric entertainment and dining experience.”

Given the chain is a “go-to” location for kids’ birthday parties across the globe, with half a million held at Chuck E. Cheese venues every year we are sure Australian families will flock to their nearest Chuck E. Cheese location when they do eventually open. 

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