How many calories are in your favourite beer?

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Q: How many calories in the average bottle of beer?

A:  There 131 calories in the average bottle of beer. The number of calories and carbohydrates in beer depends on numerous factors but a general rule to follow is the darker the beer the more calorie-dense. Dark ales and heavy beers are heavy on taste and on Light beer is not only light on the alcohol but on the calories too. With around 50 calories less per drink it adds up when you have a few. 

What is low calorie beer?

Beer doesn’t get a good wrap when it comes to health and wellbeing with the term beer belly being thrown around. But a study actually revealed that beer drinkers had a lower blood pressure than those who drank spirits. Beers contain several B vitamins as well as calcium, magnesium and selenium. Generally speaking the darker the beer the more calorie-dense it is, so steer clear of dark ales.

Is low calorie beer low in carbs? 

There isn’t a strong correlation between low-calorie beers and low carbohydrate beers. Some low carb beers actually have more calories than low-calorie beers as more sugar and grains are used in the brewing process.

Beer Sizes

In Australia, we’re known for having some colourful language for each different glass size. 
  • Pony 140ml
  • Middie 285ml
  • Bottle 345ml
  • Stubbie/Can 375ml
  • Schooner 450ml
  • Pint 570ml
Here is a list of the lowest calorie beers in order. 

Tooheys New, 250ml Bottle

Calories: 98Carbs: 7.8gShop now

Pure Blonde, 355ml Bottle

Calories: 107Carbs: 3.2gShop now

Tooheys Extra Dry, 345ml Bottle

Calories: 131 Carbs: 7.6gShop now

XXXX Gold, 375ml Can

Calories: 131Carbs: 7.1g Shop now

Coopers Pale Ale, 375ml Bottle

Calories: 131Carbs: 6.2g Shop now

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, 330ml

Calories: 132Shop now

Carlton Draught, 375ml Bottle

Calories: 139Carbs: 10.1gShop now

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, 330ml Bottle

Calories: 139Carbs: 10.9gShop now

Heineken, 330ml

Calories: 139Carbs: 7.6g Shop now

Victoria Bitter (VB), 375ml Can

Calories: 146Carbs: 10.9gShop now

Corona, 355ml Bottle

Calories: 148Carbs: 13gShop now

Crown Lager, 375ml Bottle

Calories: 150Carbs: 6.4gShop now

Little Creatures Pale Ale, 330ml

Calories: 156 Carbs: 14gShop nowRead more about Mick Fanning’s Balter Beer.

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