Apple crumble-infused cider exists and we need it now

Dessert meets cider!

Think you’ve tried every flavour combo? Think again. Apple Crumble Infused Cider is here to change your life. 

The latest flavour set to shake up the cider game comes all the way from New Zealand company Zeffer Cider Co., and it has quickly become their top seller.With fresh fruit flavours mixed with sticks of cinnamon and vanilla, it’s like a fruit bowl with a sugary twist.This innovative product has all the makings of an award-winning combo and we’re glad it’s made its way to our shores!
(Credit: Zeffer)
The company was founded by New Zealand couple Sam and Hannah who discovered the popularity of cider while travelling in the UK, they decided to have a go at making the iconic drink themselves.While a traditional cider is known to be heavy, they opted for fresher and brighter products.“Unlike most commercial ciders made with apple juice concentrate, sugar and water, we use freshly pressed locally grown apples to give it an authentic flavour,” says Jody Scott, head cider maker at Zeffer Cider.
(Credit: Zeffer)
When formulating the recipe they set out to combine the subtle balance of sweet and sour flavours that define the iconic dessert. “As soon as you click back the tab of Zeffer Apple Crumble Infused Cider, you are met with the mouth-watering aroma of rich apple and cinnamon and yet it’s not overly sweet,” says Josh Townsend, CEO of Zeffer Cider Co.  One sip and your taste buds are enveloped with the authentic taste of home-baked apple crumble. Enjoy it with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice-cream for an outstanding flavour sensation,” he says. If a travel bubble ever opens between Aus and New Zealand, add a trip to their taproom to your list of things to do. You can sample their whole range and are even encouraged to bring along a picnic to make a day of it!In the meantime, pick up a 4-pack for $22.99 or a can for $5.99 from Dan Murphy and BWS stores nationally.You may also likeGet ready to stockpile! Colour-changing gin is coming back to Aldi!Rosé cider is taking the world by stormFrangipane Apple Crumble Tart

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