Almond Milk In Coffee: What Does It Taste Like & Best Brand?

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What is the best almond milk for coffee? While plant-based options (e.g. soy) have been around for decades, almond milk is a relative newcomer to the dairy-free milk market. Despite this, its popularity is booming in Australia right now thanks to its creamy texture, nutty taste and versatility. Not only can almond milk be used as a replacement to cow’s milk in smoothies, cakes and sauces, as it is easily frothed, it is the perfect addition to coffee. Below, we’ve rounded up the 3 best brands of almond milk to add to your morning latte. 

Inside Out Unsweetened Almond Milk

  • Smooth, creamy taste
  • Nutty aftertaste
  • Cold-pressed to retain nutrient value
  • Easy to texture and froth, due to its high protein content
  • Low in calories
  • High price point ($7.95 per litre)
RELATED: Coffee, banana and bran shakeWhat the consumers say:“Addicted to the stuff!” [Via]

Milk Lab Almond Milk

  • Speciality milk to use in coffee
  • Complements the intensity of espresso
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Froths well
  • Full, creamy texture
  • Moderately high in sugarLink
What the consumers say:“The best almond milk flat white I’ve ever had! I’m no barista, this was just made on my Nespresso, this is the first time I’ve been able to get almond milk to foam to a full creamy texture. Would like less sugar in the recipe if poss!! Thanks!!” [Via]

Almond Milk Co.Link

  • Free of additives, gluten, preservatives and pesticides
  • Made with activated Australian almonds that are sustainably sourced
  • Naturally sweetened with dates
  • Subtle, nutty taste
  • Creamy base that blends well with coffee
  • Rich in vitamins and mineralsLink
What the consumers say: “The perfect cup!” [Via]Inspired to try almond milk? Click here for a recipe courtesy of Minimalist Baker.RELATED:Vietnamese Egg Coffee

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