Your guide to shopping ALDI’s luxury Christmas range

With prices starting from $3.99, stock won't last long!
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ALDI Australia has officially launched its 2023 Christmas range featuring lobster, award-winning desserts and an incredible range of Christmas hams and Turkey.

Prices start from as low as $3.99, so you’ll have to be quick.

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With a wide selection on Christmas meats, poultry, seafood, deli, sweets, decorations, liquor and nibbles, you can expect to find everything you need for the ULTIMATE Christmas spread.

Familiar favourites are back for another year with Australian Half Leg Ham for just $7.99 p/kg, the Specially Selected Premium Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham for $13.99 p/kg and the infamous Farmwood Turducken Roast with Cranberry and Apple Stuffing for just $29.99.

For even better value, ALDI is allowing shoppers to get themselves $10 off the total price of their Festive Selection Australia Leg Ham.

This promotion will only last THREE DAYS (8th to 10th December) but it’s one you do not want to miss!

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Keep reading to see the full ALDI Christmas range for 2023:

(Credit: ALDI)

ALDI 2023 Christmas Hams Range

  • Festive Selection Australia Half Leg Ham, $7.99/kg
  • Specially Selected Premium Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham, $13.99/kg
  • *NEW* Specially Selected Triple Smoked Quarter Portion Leg Ham, $14.99/kg
  • *NEW* Festive Selection Sliced Ham off the Bone 500g, $10.99
  • *NEW* Festive Selection Crackling Ham, $19.99/kg
  • Festive Selection Australian Quarter Leg Portion, $11.49/kg
  • Festive Selection Triple Smoked Boneless Ham, $13.99/kg
  • Specially Selected Scored and Roasted Ham, $16.99/kg
  • Festive Selection Glaze & Bake Ham, $23.99
(Credit: ALDI)

ALDI 2023 Christmas Poultry Range

  • Farmwood Turkey Breast Roast 1kg, $15.99
  • Farmwood Stuffed Turkey Breast Roast 1kg, $17.99
  • Whole Duck 2.2kg, $19.99
  • Farmwood Whole Turkey 3.8kg, $29.99
  • Farmwood Turducken Roast 1.5kg, $29.99
  • Earth Grown Vegan No Turkey Roast 350g, $6.99
(Credit: ALDI)

ALDI 2023 Seafood Range

  • Salmon Wellington 700g, $15.99
  • Lobster Tails 2pk/380g, $34.99
  • Atlantic Salmon Side 700g, $22.99
  • Garlic & Herb Butterfield Prawns 400g, $13.99
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Puff Pastry Canapes 8pk/240g, $6.99
  • XL Scallops Wrapped in Maple Flavoured Bacon 6pk/270g, $13.99
  • Australian Tiger Prawns 1kg, $26.99
  • Lobster Puff Pastry Canapes 8pk/240g, $6.99
  • Smoked Salmon 500g, $19.99
  • Salmon Gravlax 250g, $10.99
  • Prawn, Scallop & Lobster Bisque Pots 240g, 2pk, $9.99
  • Crispy Jumbo Prawns 200g, $7.49
  • Honey & Whiskey Flavoured Smoked Salmon 150g, $9.99
(Credit: ALDI)

ALDI 2023 Entertaining Essentials

  • The Antipasto Board Grazing Platter 350g, $14.99
  • Specially Selected Danish Blue Salami 80g,​ $4.99
  • Specially Selected Sliced Wild Boar Salami with Truffle 80g,​ $4.99
  • Citterio Parma Ham Twin Value Pack (2x150g),​ $18.99
(Credit: ALDI)

ALDI 2023 Curated Collection

  • NEW Chocolate Cake Bombes 4pk 180g $8.99
  • RETURNING 18-Month Matured Pudding 800g $18.99
  • 12-Month Vintage or Gluten Free Christmas Pudding 700g $14.99
  • Christmas Fruit Cake 200g $4.99
  • Christmas Fruit Cake 800g $11.49
  • NEW Flavoured Scottish Shortbread Rounds 150g $6.99
  • Gourmet Nougat 150g $4.99
  • Luxury Fudge 150g $4.99
  • Butterscotch 125g $5.99
  • Premium Sweet Crispbreads 150g $6.49
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Box 180g $7.99
  • Scottish Shortbread Fingers 360g $12.99
  • Mediterranean Style Dukkah 100g $3.99
  • Australian Wild Olives 300g $6.99
  • Finishing Vinegars 250ml $6.99
  • Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml $6.99
  • Mixed Nuts Gift Jar 400g $13.99
  • Curated Collection Luxury Australian Wagyu Beef Biltong 180g $19.99

In addition to ALDI’s Curated Collection, there is also ALDI’S Kringle & Co:

NEW in 2023

  • Salted Caramel Tarts Bombe 6pk, $6.49
  • Fruit Flavoured Berry Tarts 9pk, $5.69
  • New Flavour Jamaican Rum Fruit Mince Tarts 6pk 290g, $6.99
  • Fruit Flavoured Lemon Tarts 9pk, $5.69

Canstar Awarded goodies

  • New flavour Jamaican Rum Fruit Mince Tarts 6pk 290g, $6.99
  • Fruit Mince Almond Tarts 6pk 290g, $6.99
  • Salted Caramel Pudding 500g, $7.49
  • Chocolate Pudding 500g, $7.49

You can also shop ALDI’s full range of sweets, decorations, liquor and nibbles… they have everything!

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