5kg in 10 days: the $8 ALDI Christmas diet

The full eating plan is amazing!

Looking to drop some kilos in time for Christmas? Well one Aussie dad has revealed his fast-working and budget-friendly diet – where absolutely everything is available at ALDI.The dad took to Reddit to reveal his savvy eating plan and says he has already inspired scores of friends and family to lose weight with his simple plan. And since he went public with the eating plan, it’s already become one of the most popular diets for 2019.

‘Everything is available from ALDI, and if you stick with it for 10 days with no mistakes you will lose as much as 10kg,’ he posted. ‘And for the 10 days, it’ll only cost you around $80 or just $8 a day which is awesome.

‘If anyone wants to lose weight in the lead-up to Christmas – or even after, then I would give it a go. I’ve lost 12kg on it, and all my friends and family and colleagues have lost heaps of weight too. And the food’s yummy – I make the smoothie for my kids too.’

The post saw a wave of commenters vow to do the diet, with one saying: ‘This actually looks like a diet I can do!’Indeed, the dad’s ALDI diet does look VERY easy to do. Of course it’s not meant to be a long-term eating plan – and we suggest talking to your doctor before starting any new diet. Here are the details of the super simple eating plan, where all products are available from ALDI.
The breakfast smoothie ingredients – all from ALDI! (Image: Supplied)
The breakfast smoothie! (Image: Supplied)
BREAKFASTBerry Smoothie- 100g Frozen Orchard Vine Mixed Berries- 100ml Farmdale Skim Long Life Milk- 100g Brooklea Natural 99% Fat Free Yoghurt- 1 small bananaSimply blitz ingredients in a blender and serve.
Lunch is served! (Image: Supplied)
LUNCH1 Slim & Trim meal replacement bar
(Image: Supplied)
SNACKSTwo snacks a day, at morning tea and afternoon tea.Choose from either one carrot or one apple.
The ingredients for dinner! (Image: Supplied)
The dinner salad complete! (Image: Supplied)
DINNERGreek salad with ham- 1 head of Baby Cos Lettuce, shredded- 1 carrot, chopped- 1/2 telegraph cucumber, chopped- 50g Lyttos Greek feta- 50g Deli Originals Pitted Kalamata olives- 50g Berg Shaved Triple Smoked Ham- 1 tablespoon olive oil- 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

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