The real reason for Lisa Wilkinson’s shock exit from The Project

"[It's a] last ditch attempt to rebrand the show..."
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According to prominent entertainment reporter, Peter Ford, there will be more “shock resignations” from The Project in the next two weeks.

Taking to Twitter, Peter shared his thoughts on Lisa Wilkinson sensationally quitting The Project, just a month after Carrie Bickmore announced she was leaving the Channel Ten show.

WATCH: Lisa Wilkinson quits The Project

At first, Peter took aim at Lisa for saying she was leaving The Project because she wanted to “re-prioritise” her life, as the “relentless, targeted toxicity by some sections of the media” had taken a toll on her and her loved ones.

“I think you’ll find ‘effective immediately’ is the key to the story, not her need to ‘re-prioritise’. Why can’t journalists uphold the truth when it comes to themselves?,” Peter’s Tweet read.

Peter also sarcastically wrote, “Only Lisa could manage to announce ‘her decision’ & make herself a victim at the same time. All the hard work she’s put in etc etc for 4 nights a week and 20 grand a week. That poor lady!”

lisa wilkinson
After Lisa Wilkinson quit The Project, Peter Ford claimed that others will also leave in the next few weeks… (Credit: Getty)

But then Peter Tweeted, “There will be more ‘shock resignations’ in the next two weeks. How coincidental so many people all decide at [the] same time they ‘need a change.’”

“The real reason behind Lisa Wilkinson’s shock decision and who is going next. The last ditch attempt to rebrand the show. Tomorrow across Australia,” he continued.

Presumably, Peter thinks that Lisa did not choose to leave The Project and the show is actually asking its hosts to step down, one by one, so that it can ultimately rebrand in an attempt to get better ratings.

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It remains to be seen whether Peter’s speculations are correct.

Peter also dismissed the notion of Lisa leaving The Project to gun for Tracy Grimshaw’s A Current Affair hosting role. At first, he wrote, “They wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole.”

Then he clarified, “Lisa was/is terrific on air. But it’s her social media presence that did her damage. It was the concern of [Nine] management years ago. All the plugs for products, dresses, accommodation etc is just beneath a journalist of her stature.”

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