WATCH: What happened to ‘Revhead’ from Home and Away?

The former TV favourite reveals where he ended up
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He was one of the biggest stars on Aussie TV in the late eighties and early nineties, so what happened to former Home and Away and A Country Practice star Gavin Harrison?


The onetime actor, who shot to fame as bad boy Henry ‘Revhead’ Gibson, has been keeping very busy since the spotlight faded, moving to LA to make it film production and advertising.

Speaking on The Morning Show, Gavin, 48, remembered those heady years in Summer Bay, where he worked alongside such names as Naomi Watts – who played his sister, Julie – and Rebecca Emagalou.

He then moved on to a memorable stint on A Country Practice.


Now working on campaigns for such big names as Tesla, Nissan and BMW, Gavin nonetheless has fond memories of his time as a TV soap heartthrob.

When asked about the similarities between himself and Revhead, Gavin concedes the character wasn’t a huge stretch at times.

‘There’s a little bit of similarity between me and him,’ he told Larry and Kylie on The Morning Show. ‘He’s a pretty complex guy, he had a heart of gold, working with his sister and protecting her.’

Speaking of Naomi Watts, ‘She was so sweet and gentle and genuine,’ he recalls.

So will we see Revhead again? Gavin seems amused at the prospect – so let’s see!

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