Another teen star of The Voice has just come out as gay

He's out and proud!
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A 17-year-old contestant on The Voice has come out to fans as being gay.

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Amanuael Visser made the admission during an Instagram Q&A with his fans on Saturday. 

“Do you have a girlfriend?”, Amanuael was asked by one follower, to which he simply replied: “Nope, still gay :)”

“When did you come out to your parents? And what was there [sic] reaction?” asked another fan.

“I came out properly in year 8 soo [sic] around 13. They were a little surprised at the start but they are really accepting,” the singer replied.

The star’s confession comes after Oliver Cuthbert revealed his transgender journey to judges last week. 

Amanuael Visser The Voice
(Credit: Instagram )

On Wednesday, some of his fans still had questions about the singer’s sexuality.

“I asked you last time, you didn’t answer me… please I want to know are you gay or transg.”

Amanuael answered with the word “gay”, along with an image of the rainbow flag, and a snap of the singer sitting under a ‘Love’ sign at Byron Bay.

Amanuael Visser gay
(Credit: Instagram )

The singer’s ‘coming out’ to his Instagram followers comes during Pride Month, which is commemorated in many countries during June to celebrate and recognise the impact LGBTQI people have had in the world. 

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