The Masked Singer’s biggest clues revealed from last night’s episode

Who are they?!
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Are you hooked on The Masked Singer yet? 

The Channel 10 show has taken the nation by storm, and has viewers across Australia trying to figure out who’s who in the line up of masked characters. 

But are the clues actually helpful, or just confusing? Let’s take a run through everything we know so far… 

WATCH: Fitzy addresses rumours he’s the prawn on The Masked Singer 

If you’re struggling to figure out who is behind each mask, you’re not alone.

I seems like even the panel are stumped with the clues after Monday night’s show. 

“I feel like the more clues you give us, the worse we become at this,” noted Jackie O after Lion divulged some indecipherable backstory about her childhood.

“The more we find out, the less we know,” Osher added.

Helpful, Osher. Thanks! 

osher prawn alien masked singer
(Credit: Channel Ten)

On Monday night, each of the singers took to the stage for a little longer than last week, so judges got to hear their vocal talent – and any possible accents. 

The Alien was unmasked at the end of the episode, with Nikki Webster uncovered as the singer. 

So that leaves Wolf, Robot, Prawn and Lion still to go… 

masked singer wolf
(Credit: Channel 10)


On Monday night Wolf sang his rendition of Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’.

The clues so far:

  • He admitted that wolves do have a bad reputation and that he “did run wild when I was a pup”.
  • Although he apparently “wasn’t the runt of the litter”, he wasn’t number one, either.
  • Wolf might have missed his dream but he “remained unbroken” and worked harder than ever, “like a dog with a bone”.
  • Mentions of the “Southern Cross”, and that getting to where he is now “is a miracle like walking on water”.

Who the judges think it could be: Redfoo, David Hasselhoff, Simon LeBon, Rob Mills.

masked singer robot
(Credit: Channel 10)


This week, Robot sang Daryl Braithwaite’s Aussie classic, ‘Horses’.

The clues so far: 

  • Robot said he left his factory and “headed east like a moth to a flame” which could refer to the east coast of Australia?
  • Pictured playing chess with his bodyguards, one of whom pops a bubblegum bubble from his mouth. There’s also a clock that reads 20.12.
  • Robot said he realised that “others were controlling his programming” so he “short-circuited the production line” and is now his own Robot.
  • This part got confusing but Robot is apparently creative as well as multi-layered like an onion or a Russian doll.
  • Robot loves playing the game, has a metal head and doesn’t stay in his own lane.
  • Inspired the best reaction from Dannii so far this season with the panellist exclaiming, “You’re driving this Minogue nuts!” after his performance.

Who the judges think it could be: Cody Simpson, Joey Fatone, Timomatic, Pat Rafter.

masked singer prawn
(Credit: Channel 10)


The Prawn took to the stage to perform Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’ with much gyrating and tail swinging.

The clues so far: 

  • Prawn alluded to the judges’ suspicion that he’s a salty ex-boyfriend of perhaps Dannii or maybe Lindsay.
  • Prawn said although he attends “big occasions” he’s famously spent a lot of time around the house and sometimes feels like an outsider.
  • He was pictured vacuuming and dusting under the sea, which makes no sense at all.
  • The comp is a change in direction but Prawns apparently “enjoy a change of sea-nery”.
  • A sports fanatic who has the “perfect platform” to sing their praises.
  • The judges thought they heard an English accent when the Prawn was singing. 

Who the judges think it could be: Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Rove McManus, Dr Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen.

the masked singer lion
(Credit: Channel 10)


The Lion impressed with a souped-up version of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’.

The clues so far: 

  • “We all know the jungle saying, ‘Leave them wanting more,'” said Lion as her opening clue. While it’s actually a P.T. Barnum quote (does that make it a circus saying?) it could be a clue about actual leaves. We honestly have no idea.
  • Mentioned being “queen of this big island” and added that it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her as “queen of the jungle”.
  • Lion reminded us that she’s very physical – something she has in common with “a great queen of the grass court”.
  • The diva was pictured on a tennis court, with bloody Marys on hand.
  • She learnt the importance of “self-discipline and fighting hard” from an early age.

Who the judges think it could be: Pauline Hanson, Serena Williams, Julia Morris, Rebel Wilson. 

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