The Home and Away star’s Instagram post that broke Tim Franklin’s heart

“This one got me 😢”
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Since fan favourite Tim Franklin waved goodbye to his role as cop Colby Thorne on Home And Away last week, the tributes from his co-stars have been coming thick and fast.

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Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean gushed that he “loved him like a brother” while Georgie Parker, who portrays Roo, also shared her affection for Tim as she bid him farewell.

But it was one post in particular from a now former co-star that had Tim getting really emotional.

Sarah Roberts, who plays Willow – the character that dobbed Colby in for murder, leading to him ending up behind bars and leaving Summer Bay for good – wrote a lengthy post paying tribute to Tim.

Tim Franklin
After Tim Franklin’s (left) final Home and Away scenes aired last week, Sarah Roberts (right) wrote a heartfelt post that caused the actor to become emotional. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“Yeh, yeh, I’m a rat, I’m a snake! I don’t care, this isn’t about me…this is a love note between @__timfranklin__ & his Vindi-Loo-Loo! 🥘 (first self-racist joke of the day with bonus emoji…I win! Suck it Tim!) …” Sarah wrote alongside an image of their characters embracing.

“What an absolute privilege it’s been to work with you over these past three years! You excited me to get my a** outta bed every morning, I loved slapping you in the face before scenes…& during scenes (**regardless of the mood of the scene**), copying your jumping before takes, diving into the hard stuff, eating / drinking everything you consumed because you know me too well…

“I miss working with you but am so grateful I can still stalk you from my kitchen window!”

She continued: “Tim Franklin, the Colby to my Thorne, the Massaman to my coconut rice, the pad to my Thai. I’ll never forget the years we shared. Ever. Well done my friend…I’m so excited for your next journey! Your Vindi ❤”

Tim Franklin Sarah Roberts
Sarah shared a touching photo of her and Tim’s characters embracing. (Credit: Instagram)

In response to the sweet personalised message, a clearly touched Tim replied: “This one got me 😢. Love you so much Sarah! See you tomorrow probably :)”

Last week, Tim’s three-year stint as Colby came to end as his character was dragged off into solitary confinement after being jailed for murder.

Speaking to Now To Love about his exit last week, Tim confessed it wasn’t the one he had initially envisioned.

“I was really shocked, I was really surprised, you know, surprised that it wasn’t going to be a death to be honest,” Tim admitted.

“I was trying to convince [the writers] for a long time, like, I want to go out guns blazing. But, when I read it, I really loved it; it’s a really nice little end for Colby. He needed to pay the price at some point.”

Tim Franklin
“I was really shocked, I was really surprised, you know, surprised that it wasn’t going to be a death to be honest,” Tim admitted of his shock exit last week. (Credit: Channel Seven)

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