Olivia Deeble: Who is ‘Raffy’ from Home and Away?

She’s one of the hottest new kids in the Bay!

Olivia Deeble is an up and coming Australian actor who plays the role of Raffaela ‘Raffy’ Morrison on the long-running soap series Home and Away.

While most teenagers are preoccupied with hanging out and planning their next adventure, Deeble was already hard at work well before her 13th birthday.

At the tender age of 12, Olivia landed her first major TV role as Tamara on the children’s programme Little Lunch and also modelled for fashion line Tahlia back in 2014.

After landing the sought after gig on Home and Away when she was 13, the young thespian relocated from her native Melbourne to Sydney for filming.

On discovering her audition had been successful, Deeble said: ‘I remember it was a carnival day at school, I had just jumped into the car with mum and she turned and looked at me and I just kind of knew I’d got the part. I started crying, it was just the best moment. The next day I had to leave to Sydney so I had one day to say goodbye to my friends which was hard.’

Deeble reportedly earned a three year contract for the show and now lives in New South Wales with her grandparents to be close to Palm Beach for filming.

What age is Olivia Deeble?

Deeble was born on 4 August 2002, making her 16 years old.

What her star sign?

Deeble was born under the sign of Leo, a trait shared by many in the entertainment and performance industries.

Who is Olivia Deeble’s mum?

Olivia’s mother is Kate Gorman, an actor who played Sue Parker on the long-running Aussie soap (and Home and Away rival) Neighbours.

She comes from a showbiz family – her grandfather was Reg Gorman, best known for his role as Jack Fletcher in The Sullivans, while her grandmother Judith Roberts is also an actor.

On 6 September 2018, Deeble took to Instagram to share news of an accident with her fans.

Posting from her hospital bed, the 16-year-old revealed she was recovering from brain swelling after hitting her head and sustaining a concussion earlier that week.

The actor thanked her loyal followers for their support and well wishes, and jokingly thanked her mum for ‘taking photos of me passed out’.

How many siblings does Olivia Deeble have?

Deeble has a younger sister named Matilda and a brother called Ewen.

Does Olivia Deeble have a boyfriend?

She is currently dating Ethan Hay, an Australian model and aspiring actor.

The couple regularly share loved-up images to their respective Instagram accounts.

How tall is Olivia Deeble?

According to Celeb Closet, Deeble is 5 ft 4 inches.

Who does Olivia Deeble look up to?

In an April 2018 interview with Now To Love, Deeble said she is inspired by Australian actresses Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher who both made it big across the pond in Hollywood.

Can she speak any foreign languages?

Deeble has claimed to be fluent in French, and expressed interest in acting in French films.

Does she have any hobbies?

In addition to acting, Deeble is a trained dancer and contortionist.

She discovered her skill for the niche activity at dance school when she could push her body further than the standard splits with ease.

Is Olivia Deeble on Instagram?

Yes, she is on Instagram under the username @oliviadeeble with 193,000 followers at the time of writing.

Deeble regularly shares sweet snaps of life behind the scenes on set, documenting her journey as Raffy Morrison.

So who is Raffy on Home and Away?

Raffaela ‘Raffy’ Morrison is a fictional character who was introduced on Home and Away on 19 September 2016 as a high school student with a part-time waitress job.

Raffy’s character was named after her on-screen paternal great grandmother, and her complicated family dynamic makes her one of the programmes most interesting young subjects.

Raffy has one sister, Hope Morrison, as well as half siblings Justin, Tori, Brody and Mason Morgan. Her parents Atticus Decker and Kate Lee, as well as her adoptive mother Ali Morrison, are all deceased.

The Morrison sisters initially lived with police officer Kat Chapman (played by Pia Miller), but after Hope was arrested for credit card fraud Raffy moved in with the Morgan family.

Only in recent episodes of Home and Away does the teenager discover she is actually related to the Morgans.

Raffy is intelligent, witty, independent and academic, and according to her Channel 7 profile would love to become a veterinarian.

Deeble has said of Raffy ‘[she] never does anything to hurt anyone…all her intentions are to please’.

‘[She] is a really kind, loving kid who’s been through a lot – she’s struggling a bit but towards the end she’ll find out who she is… I think out lifestyles have been very different but what I like about acting is I can put a bit of myself into a character, so there a lot of similarities.’

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