Dumped MasterChef star Ben slams judges

He's not happy!
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MasterChef contestant Ben Trobbiani has hit back at judges after being eliminated on Thursday night’s show. 

PLAY VIDEO TO WATCH MasterChef Australia judges axe Ben Trobbiani for using duck in a challenge

The 24-year-old home chef from South Australia was caught out by a “zero-waste” challenge.

Set by internationally renowned Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, after he highlighted his bug-bear of food waste.

“Thirty-three per cent of what we buy, goes to waste,” said the chef.

Massimo’s test was to hero ingredients that are normally thrown out, things like milk, bread, bananas.

The judges even went so far as to tip off the contestants not to choose expensive ingredients, like lobster.

Ben chose to cook duck for this challenge, a choice which ultimately saw his downfall as he was booted out for using the “expensive” meat. 

“I can’t really explain it,” Ben said in an interview with Ten Daily. 

“I had a dish in mind, it’s a dish I practised before and when I saw the radicchio I thought, just do the first thing that comes to mind.”

However Ben has hit back, calling out the judges after they compared his choice of duck to lobster. 

“Duck isn’t that expensive!” Ben told Ten Daily.

“You can get a duck breast for like $8. Lobsters are like $100, a duck is like $15!”

Judges were perplexed by his choice, especially when Ben didn’t cook an entire bird, just a portion of duck, which defeated the purpose of the “no waste” challenge.

Ben was sent home, but was thrilled to have made the top 10. 

“I’m sad to be leaving the MasterChef kitchen tonight, but incredibly happy and proud looking back on my journey through this competition. From back to back eliminations to back to back immunity cooks it’s been a rollercoaster,” Ben posted to his Instagram. 

And though he didn’t agree with the judges there were no hard feelings. 

“I want to thank the three judges. @mattscravat for your kind words, belief, great food ideas and priceless feedback. To @garymehigan for sharing your vast array of food knowledge, kitchen skills and passion for food. To @gcalombaris for pushing me in the kitchen and making me strive for better cooking every day,” he shared. 

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