The big MasterChef clue that has fans buzzing

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MasterChef fans are spooked after a crazy ‘curse’ saw the downfall of one of the teams during Wednesday night’s BBQ challenge.

And it was all because of their apron colour… 

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After the episode, which saw the blue and green teams faced with cooking a BBQ for 150 people in Noosa, fans of the show took to Twitter to blame the ‘curse of the green aprons’ for the green team’s loss. 

With fans chalking up the loss to the fact that the team were given the green aprons to wear. 

MasterChef green team apron curse
(Credit: Channel 10)

One fan called out the so-called curse early, saying it had “been a thing for years” while another tweeted the “green apron curse lives on”.

According to the Daily Mail‘s trawl through the MasterChef archives, there are numerous alarming correlations with team losses while wearing the ‘cursed’ green apron…

With 2012 a particularly bad year for the greens, while the blues never lost a challenge, and this season, in mid May Abbey led the green team to a pressure challenge after a woeful attempt at a dessert, the ‘Middle Eastern Delight’.

Will the ‘curse’ ever be broken? 

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