EXCLUSIVE: Get to know Love Island’s Tak with our juicy questionnaire

"I don't like a lot of makeup"
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Tak’s entrance into the Love Island Australia 2022 villa was nothing short of a shock arrival as one of the series’ first bombshells!

New Idea caught up with Tak before his grand entrance to the island of love, but is Tak really looking for love, and has he got any hidden secrets?  

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What is your strategy for the villa?

I don’t think I have. I am going to go in there with an open mind I think and attack each hurdle as it comes. I am just going to put my best foot forward. That is going to be my strategy.

Have you ever applied for any other reality TV shows or been on tv before?

In 2017 I applied for The Voice and I did some live auditions. I didn’t end up doing it. I was in front of the panel and it didn’t go any further. This show came about after Tinder found me last year. They emailed me back last year after I shared my profile but it was too late with casting. Then they emailed me earlier in the year and it went from there.

Tak says he is going into the villa with an open mind (Credit: Instagram)

Is there anything you refuse to do on TV?

Not really, I’m a pretty open book.

What is your biggest dating ick?

Loud eating. Really really long nails. I don’t like a lot of makeup, it means you are hiding something.

Tak says if you have long nails then you are hiding something (Credit: Instagram)

What is your worst dating experience?

I took this girl out for dinner. After ten minutes I knew it wasn’t going to work. I went

to the bathroom and told him to call me in 20 minutes. Then I got out of there. I ran.

What is your physical type?

Somebody who goes to the gym, somebody who takes care of themselves. Someone

who works out, someone who has a nice but. Dark hair, blue eyes.

Did any of your friends or family disapprove of you going on?

They are all excited. They know I have been outgoing and courageous, they think this

is a good opportunity.

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What are your thoughts on OnlyFans?

It’s a business at the end of the day. You can make so much money from it. I think a

lot of girls do Only fans and they make a lot of money. If you have followers and

charge $10, you don’t need to work in a real job.

Who is your reality TV crush or idol?

Not really. I am too busy. I am always out doing something or out and about working.

I don’t really watch much TV at all

Are there any reality stars who frustrate you?

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