Kaitlyn and Marielle make an emotional exit from LEGO Masters

Brickman was in tears!
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Brickman has just eliminated Kaitlyn and Marielle from LEGO Masters, and now we’re all crying!

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After an intense 10-hour build, the LEGO lovers were sent home after their build just wasn’t up to scratch.

In a tense first elimination round, Gayan and Dinushi used their immunity from the last challenge, so they were safe, but the other teams had to battle it out to stay in the competition.

The task was to turn everyday items that have been cut in half from normal to incredible.

A bike, a typewriter, a TV and a violin are amongst the items to be morphed into something completely new using only LEGO and their imagination.

hamish blake lego masters
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Sparks fly as Hamish theatrically slices a children’s bike in two with a giant angle grinder.

And Brickman says this finished product has to tell a story on its own, look good and show technical skills.

With that, the 10-hour timer starts ticking and the teams get building.

Controversially, Matt and Lyn decide not to play their golden brick, which would have given them immunity.

When the time’s up, Brickman judges the results.

He’s stoked with the “fusion“ of Henry and Cade’s building styles.

But for Maddy and Jimmy’s mannequin, he’s not sure they’ve captured the right shapes of a human body.

Bilsy and Kale also slip up by showing the inside workings of their unicorn-bike hybrid, but Brickman still thinks it’s an amazing build and congratulates them.

SEE: All the designs below.

When it comes to Marielle and Kaitlyn, unfortunately he’s not impressed.

“This was your time to shine,” he says. “And I’m not sure you’ve done it.”

Ticking the technical skills box with their trademark greebling, Jordan and Miller get a big tick from Brickman.

And David and G ticked all three boxes for Brickman.

Matt and Lyn rolled the dice and decided not to play their Golden Brick…

They have the technical ability, but the story seems incomplete, says Brickman. Did the gamble pay off?  

When it comes to the final elimination, the clear stand outs are Henry and Cade, who get the best build for their Punk Rock Violin.

Kaitlyn and Marielle, and Jimmy and Maddy all in the elimination zone.

Plus, Matt and Lyn!

But when it came to the crunch, a visibly moved Brickman sent home Kaitlyn and Marielle.

Mouthing “I’m sorry!” to the pair. 


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