Home And Away: Olivia Deeble – ‘My grandparents sacrificed everything for me’

The young actress reveals just how much her family has given up for her.

Chatting to the youngest member of the Home And Away cast, you quickly forget Olivia is only 15. 

Growing up in Melbourne, when she landed the job, her parents couldn’t move immediately so her grandparents stepped up. 

‘My grandparents offered to move up here,’ Olivia says. ‘Without them, I would not have been able to do the job. They sacrificed everything.’

Juggling a full load of work and school, Olivia is thankful for her co-star Anna. 

‘Anna’s been really good because a lot of teens don’t get it. We can just offload with each other because in reality, it’s not just fun and games.

‘It’s a super serious job and juggling school with that is stressful. I always want to do the best I can, but it’s OK to struggle – it’s part of learning.’ 

Growing up on screen has been interesting, Olivia admits.

‘Being a teenager is really hard because I fluctuate a lot. I’ll look really different from one day to the next and this has all played out on TV, so that’s always going to make you feel insecure…but you’ve just got to love yourself! Being healthy and happy is the most important thing.’ 

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