Home And Away: Ziggy, Brody and Dean in terrifying drama

Dire consequences in the Bay.
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Three Summer Bay favourites are in serious trouble this week, and you won’t want to miss a moment of the drama!

In gripping scenes, newlyweds Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Brody (Jackson Heywood) find themselves in a terrifying situation.

With Dean (Patrick O’Connor) doing everything he can to prevent their discovery, the young couple are forced to hide in the storeroom at Salt while the restaurant is ransacked by Brett’s River Boy thugs.

‘It’s such a shock and so frightening for Ziggy and Brody,’ reveals Sophie.

Earlier in the week, Dean arrives home after a surf to discover Brett waiting for him.

Brett wastes no time making it known that he has one final job for Dean before his debt will be repaid. Brett needs Dean to help him and his gang rob Salt.

While Dean protests – this job is way too close to home – Brett gives him no alternative.

‘Dean’s beginning to panic,’ says his portrayer Patrick.

‘He’s in the thick of it at this point. He knows that if he doesn’t rob Salt, it can only mean serious consequences.’

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Indeed, Brett continues to strong-arm Dean, letting him know in no uncertain terms that this robbery is happening with or without him.

What’s more, he says menacingly, if Dean doesn’t ‘come to the party’, Brett will be paying Willow (Sarah Roberts) a visit!

Faced with an impossible choice, Dean hatches an extremely risky plan to turn the tables on Brett.

But Dean’s scheme goes horribly wrong when he arrives at Salt after closing time to discover Ziggy and Brody enjoying some alone time. This clearly wasn’t part of the plan!

Before he has the chance to usher the pair out of the eatery, Brett and his thugs descend on the restaurant.

The only thing that Dean can do is hide Ziggy and Brody in the storeroom. 

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‘Dean knows that protecting them is just as important as not being found out by Brett, so he locks them up for their own safety,’ says Patrick.

‘Ziggy and Brody have been finding it hard to get any time on their own, living in the family house,’ says Sophie.

‘They’re finally alone when Dean barges in and pushes them into the storeroom and they have absolutely no idea what’s going on.’

As for Patrick, he loved every moment of taking part in the edge-of-your-seat scenes.

‘They were so much fun,’ he says with a laugh. ‘It was like playing cops and robbers!’

But will Ziggy and Brody’s hiding place be uncovered, with dire consequences for both the pair and for Dean?

For the full story see this weeks issue of New Idea, on sale now. 

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