Home and Away: Willow’s secret exposed

Will she tell the truth?

She’s been hiding a major secret for some time. However, Willow’s world may be about to come crashing down when Colby makes a shock discovery during his investigation of the surf club assault.

Stunned to recognise Willow’s (Sarah Roberts) voice on the 000 call recording, Colby (Tim Franklin) wastes no time heading to Salt to confront her.

And Willow, who is chatting to none other than Alf (Ray Meagher), is shaken to the core when Colby informs her that he needs to ask her some questions in regards to the crime.


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‘Willow is horrified that Colby insinuates in front of Alf that she had something to do with his assault,’ says Sarah. ‘She would just love to crawl into a dark hole and not come out until it’s over.’

As Sarah reveals, Willow has been guilt-ridden over the incident.

‘Keeping the big secret of what actually happened during the assault has been killing her,’ she says. ‘Willow will have to make a decision over whether or not to put all of this to rest and tell the truth. She is fiercely loyal and wouldn’t want any of her mates to get in trouble or to take the blame for any bad decisions she’s made.’

Will Willow be able to talk her way out of Colby’s interrogation?

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