Home And Away: Willow’s breaking point

Can Willow really stay away from Dean?
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Their love for one another cannot be questioned, but do Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Justin (James Stewart) have a future together?

With their relationship already on rocky ground over Willow’s long-term friendship with her ex, Dean (Patrick O’Connor), it’s now make-or-break time for the once-smitten couple.

It’s clear that Willow – feeling more and more resentful of Justin’s ultimatum to have nothing to do with Dean – is having second thoughts about agreeing to his demand.


“Justin asked Willow to stop being friends with Dean because she was spending more time with Dean than with him,” says Sarah.

“It would be enough to make any partner feel insecure – especially with Willow and Dean’s history. But this was a very difficult decision for Willow to make.”

Certainly, Willow begins to feel she’s been placed in an impossible situation by the man she loves.

“Even though Willow is trying to make Justin feel comfortable and safe by not having anything to do with Dean, it proves to be very difficult for her as she still has to do community service with Dean,” says Sarah.

“Willow has to take a long hard look at what she wants in her life.” After confiding in

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Willow decides to come clean about her feelings with Justin.

As Sarah says: “Willow thought Justin was The One, but maybe that’s not the case anymore.

“Only time will tell.”


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