Home and Away: Tori’s desperation

Tori is grief-stricken after her miscarriage.
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Grief-stricken after her miscarriage, Tori (Penny McNamee) feels as though her world has fallen apart. But will the good doctor do the unthinkable in her quest to become a mum?

Early in the week, we see Robbo (Jake Ryan) is doing all he can to avoid Tori. Tori is desperate to fall pregnant again, Robbo feels differently.

“Tori sees this as a big setback, whereas Robbo sees it as the end of the line,” says Penny.

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When Robbo finally confesses his feelings, Tori urges him to take time to reconsider. But Robbo is resolute – he can’t put himself through the emotional turmoil of another round of treatment.

“He feels he can’t go through this again – he just can’t deal with the grief,” says Penny. “They’re on very different pages, unfortunately.”

Later, at a barbecue for Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Tori asks Jasmine (Sam Frost) if she believes Robbo might have a change of heart. When Jasmine says Robbo’s mind is made up, a devastated Tori walks away.

But, not prepared to give up on her dream, Tori finds herself contemplating something truly shocking. What if she underwent a second embryo transfer, without telling her sperm donor Robbo? Will Tori follow through with her desperate plan?

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