Home and Away: Summer Bay’s new super-couple revealed

Is trouble on the horizon yet again for Ziggy and Dean?
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Love is always high on the agenda in our favourite seaside town – and we couldn’t be happier that’s the case!

WHO’s SEXIEST: Rapid fire questions with real-life Home & Away couple Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor

The romantic journey of the show’s latest super-couple Ziggy and Dean has been a joy to watch. Real-life couple Sophie and Patrick chat about their alter-egos’ feisty relationship.

(Credit: Home and Away)

The pair also reflect on the characters’ steamy first kiss – remember ‘that drunken caravan scene’ on Ziggy’s 21st birthday? – and their subsequent red-hot hook-up in the middle of the Australian desert.

But is trouble on the horizon yet again for Ziggy and Dean? While Sophie and Patrick’s lips may be sealed on what’s to come romance-wise, their co-star Lukas gives a strong hint.

Patrick and Sophie reminisce about their steamy scenes. (Credit: Home and Away)

Meanwhile, Sophie reveals what she would really like to see happen for Ziggy in the New Year.

Just as John has supported his one-time ‘frenemy’ turned good mate Ben over the past few months, their portrayers Shane and Rohan reveal they are always there for each other.

“We always discuss what’s going on in our lives and ask advice of each other,” says TV veteran Shane.

Adds Rohan: “We share a dressing room and talk about all manner of things during the day. He’s always been forthcoming, and I hope I’ve been the same with him.”

Also make sure to listen out for Shane’s thoughts on his loveable but famously cantankerous character not to mention Lukas’ hilarious take on some of the altercations Ryder forever seems to be witnessing around the Bay.

And don’t miss the stars’ very special Christmas messages to you, the viewers!

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Christmas in Summer Bay airs Tue. on 7Plus And mon., Dec.23 on 7Flix.

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