Home and Away: Sam Frost’s new love mystery

Will Jasmine and Robbo become more than friends?

Pleased that her efforts have paid off to help Robbo (Jake Ryan) settle into the Summer Bay community, Jasmine (Sam Frost) finds herself spending more time than ever with the former federal police officer.

But it seems Robbo may be starting to develop feelings for the pretty blonde nurse that extend beyond friendship.

‘Jasmine is such a bubbly little ray of sunshine, while Robbo can be quite a dark and moody bloke – one who has had a lot of ups and downs in recent times,’ says Jake.

‘I think it’s quite an unexpected but welcome friendship that’s developed between Robbo and Jasmine. He doesn’t tend to trust many people, but Jasmine’s positivity and zest for life are just what Robbo needs. He’s been quite shut off from other people.’

This week, as she engages in cheeky banter with Robbo at the gym, Jasmine lets him know she couldn’t be happier that he has accepted Alf ’s (Ray Meagher) offer of work.

‘She’s really helped him out lately,’ says Jake.


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Noticing the growing connection between the pair, Irene (Lynne McGranger) later asks Jasmine if there is something going on between the two of them.

Jasmine is quick to insist there isn’t.

They’re simply good friends, she tells Irene.

But Irene suspects that Robbo may be more involved than he himself realises.

And it seems Irene may well be right! Soon after, Robbo approaches Jasmine at the diner and asks if he can take her out for dinner as a ‘thank you’.

‘He purely wants to thank her for her help with getting on track,’ says Robbo. ‘In his mind, there’s nothing romantic about it, but that may change.’


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Meanwhile, with Irene’s words ringing in her ears, Jasmine is reluctant to say yes, but eventually agrees.

And, as the dinner gets underway at Salt, it’s clear Robbo not only loves spending time with Jasmine, but feels comfortable enough to open up to her.

‘As far as Robbo is concerned, he was either going to spend the rest of his life with Kat [Robbo’s late pregnant lover, played by Pia Miller] or in jail,’ says Jake. ‘He certainly wasn’t looking for a new romance. He’s become very guarded.’

Will Robbo come clean with Jasmine, and with himself, about his feelings?

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