Home And Away: The River Boys’ shock move

The bad boys are set to stir up the Bay!

After his failed attempt to hunt down Robbo with Justin, Ash has called in the big guns – The River Boys!

‘Ash (George Mason) is hell bent on getting revenge on Robbo,’ Patrick O’Connor, who plays new River Boy Dean, tells New Idea. ‘The only way he can go about it is getting The River Boys to give him a hand.’

The gang from Mangrove River are on a mission to find Robbo (Jake Ryan) and they aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers. After crashing Kat’s (Pia Miller) wake, the town are not too pleased with The River Boys return to the Bay.

‘Ashford must have rocks in his head to bring those goons back,’ John (Shane Withington) tells Tori (Penny McNamee).

But could Dean’s arrival be about more than just finding Robbo? Willow (Sarah Roberts) turns up to Kat’s wake and it is clear that she has history with the new River Boy.

(Credit: Channel 7)

Things are looking up for Willow’s relationship with Justin (James Stewart), but could Dean’s arrival ruin it all?

‘I think you can expect him to stir up some trouble,’ explains Patrick.

Meanwhile, Robbo needs medical attention immediately, but with the The River Boys on his tail, he has only one option – he needs to find Tori.

After finding Robbo passed out in the backyard, Tori hides him in the garage and treats him. But, how long can she keep it from Ash?

Next week will see the arrival of Colby, the new cop in town.

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