Home And Away: Raechelle Banno – ‘My differences make me unique’

The young actresses has a powerful message she wants to share.

Eloquent and thoughtful, Raechelle explains how her relationship with her body has changed over time. 

‘It’s actually coming full circle – and will likely ebb and flow as the years go on. When you’re very young, you aren’t aware of your body as much, which is beautiful,’ Raechelle explains.

‘As you get older, you start to become more conscious of how your body works and looks, which can be both positive and negative. I’m getting to a sweet balance of being aware of what my body needs to feel good, but not letting that get in between me having a good time.

‘We all have days when we don’t feel our best,’ she adds. ‘Feeling confident, from the inside out, is my main focus these days.’

Working as an actress, Raechelle describes certain pressures she faces and how she manages to combat them.

‘Whether we like it or not, how we look is a deciding factor in whether we are hired for a job or not,’ the 24-year-old admits. ‘However, there are so many different types of people and stories to tell, so it’s healthy to remember my differences to others will also make me stand out and land me a job.’ 

For loyal viewers of the show, Raechelle has a powerful message she wants to share. 

‘I’d love for any women watching our show to receive a message that tells them they have a voice, their worth doesn’t rely on another person, and they can use that big brain and heart of theirs to go after whatever it is they’re seeking,’ she says. 

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