Matt Little leaves Summer Bay

The actor spills on his favourite memories from Home and Away.

What have you been up to since wrapping filming on Home And Away?

Travelling. Long walks on the beach. Complaining about how coffee is only good in Australia. Reading and actually finishing books! Poetry, yoga, bush walks, and auditioning.

What are some of your plans for 2018?
Heading overseas for more travel and possible job seeking. I love Australia, but I’m not ready to settle down in paradise just yet.

Will you be heading to Hollywood?
Yes! I wanna go there because that’s the natural progression it seems. You want to grow and push yourself, and that happens by removing yourself from your comfort zones and opening yourself up to new opportunities. I’m not cutting myself off from working in other places – Australia included – I’m just exercising the opportunity to extend the option for more possibilities.

What are some of your favourite memories from the show?
In three and a half years, you pick up a lot of great memories. I think a memory that will be locked down forever was my last day. The words shared with the people I love give me energy still to this day. Those people I had the grace to see each and every day are truly the most beautiful and giving humans imaginable.

What do you miss most about Home And Away, now you’ve left?
The people. My best friends work there, and I’ve met and worked with the greatest people in the world. Talking to George Mason about gardening, Scott Lee about life and the universe! Raechelle about films and Ada about relationships. Oh, and occasionally parking in Ada’s parking spot in the car park underneath the studio (laughs)!

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