Home and Away: Lives in danger

When Colby discovers Bella in her hideaway, she is wielding a giant crossbow.
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Consumed with the search for his half-sister Bella (Courtney Miller), Colby (Tim Franklin) is going to great lengths to bring her safely to the Bay. But is Colby in over his head?

This week, the officer receives a major lead regarding Bella’s whereabouts. After Colby’s fiancee Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) reaches out to her father Neil (Steve Nation) she manages to obtain an address where Ross (Justin Rosniak), Colby’s evil stepfather and Bella’s father – the man we know now killed Colby’s mother – may be hiding out.

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While Chelsea tells Colby she’ll pass on the information to the police department, Colby won’t wait. And when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) later suggests to Colby they handle it on their own, River Boy-style, Colby agrees, unbeknown to Chelsea.

“Chelsea believed that once she got Colby back, and he had tried to be open and honest with her, any past issues would be resolved,” says Ashleigh, adding, “But we see that may not be the case. The root of the problem is that Colby will always be a River Boy and his values and morals don’t necessarily match hers.”

Colby and Dean head to the address, where they begin an all-night stake-out. The next morning, they enter the house – and are stunned to find a crossbow-wielding Bella waiting for them! Clearly, a traumatised Bella is ready to use the weapon, but then she suddenly runs away.

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“Colby is absolutely the enemy to Bella,” says Courtney. “She has no idea how destructive her father has been in what he’s told her about Colby. She’s terrified, but puts on a front.”

Racing after Bella, Colby and Dean are aware Ross may arrive home at any moment.

And while Dean manages to grab Bella, the trio are still in danger.

In the Bay, Chelsea puts the pieces together and is furious to realise Colby and Dean have taken matters into their own hands. Will this be the last straw for Chelsea?

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