Home And Away: Kat’s kidnapping horror

Will the policewoman survive?

Shaking with fear, Kat has tears streaming down her face as she frantically scrambles to escape. 

It’s not just her life that’s on the line – the brunette beauty will do anything to save her unborn child from the evil Novak (Mirko Grillini). 

Kat (Pia Miller) is stuck in the middle of a junkyard in a car, which is about to be crushed, and no one even knows where she is – except for Robbo (Jake Ryan). 

Unbeknown to her, Robbo’s, been hot on Novak’s tail since he arrived at Kat’s place and saw Novak driving off with the mother of his child held captive. 

‘Robbo is gravely concerned for Kat’s life when he sees Novak drive off with her,’ Jake explains. ‘He has absolutely no doubt that her life is in danger and every second from now on is of the greatest importance.’ 

As Robbo speeds off after Kat, there’s only one thing on his mind. 


‘His only thought is that he must find Kat at any cost,’ Jake explains. ‘Robbo is willing to do whatever it is needed when it comes to Kat’s safety and making sure Novak gets the message to stay away.

‘As we have seen, Robbo is capable of pretty much anything and with the ever-growing pressure on him, he may be pushed to the limits with Novak this time around.’ 

Rushing to the wrecking yard, Robbo finds Kat tied inside a car, which is about to be crushed. He jumps into the forklift and attempts to stop the crusher by pulling Novak out and onto the ground. 

‘Robbo disables Novak and removes him from the car-crushing machine, freeing Kat just in the nick of time,’ the 34-year-old says. 

‘It’s all instinct for Robbo in these dangerous times and he goes on autopilot to get the job done.’ 


Novak is about to reach for his gun when Robbo delivers a powerful punch, knocking the villain out cold and allowing Robbo to free KAt from teh car. 

But she has sustained serious injuries, and tells Robbo that something is wrong with the baby. 

In a panic, the brave father-to-be locks Novak in the car’s boot and races to the hospital with Kat in pain next to him.

After dropping her at the hospital, Robbo returns to the wrecking yard, and oulls Novak out of the boot of the car. 

Holding a gun in his hand, Robbo tells Novak that if he doesn’t fess up to everything he knowns right now, things will only end one way. 

Novak tries to convince Robbo to let him go, pushing him to raise his gun – but Robbo can’t bring himself to fire it. 

Novak frees his hands, they struggle, and the gun fires. 

Who has been shot? 

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