Home And Away: Justin in shock attack

A mystery woman arrives in the bay and takes Justin hostage.

A biker babe, decked out in head-to-toe leather, screeches up to the garage. Confused, Justin (James Stewart) isn’t sure who this mystery woman is and he certainly doesn’t expect what’s coming for him!

He’s ready to charm her, but she slogs him with her helmet and demands to know where her money is. 

The mystery woman is Willow (newcomer Sarah Roberts) and she’s not holding any punches.

‘Someone has stolen a large sum of money from Willow and she has come to Summer Bay to see if she can find it,’ Sarah tells New Idea. 

After beating Justin and tying him to a workbench, Willow starts questioning the eldest Morgan sibling. 

She wants her money, but it’s too late – he handed it over to the police. 

Unimpressed, Willow snatches Justin’s wallet and rides off, leaving a cloud of dust and bewilderment. 


‘A lot is at stake for her if she can’t get her hands back on this cash, so she will do whatever it takes to get it back in her grip,’ Sarah explains. 

Willow goes back to the garage in the morning to see if Justin, who is still tied up!

She’s taunting him and will only let him go if he can give her the money. 

She reveals that the money doesn’t belong to her, and the real owners won’t be so kind if they don’t get it. 


‘Willow is definitely a bad girl,’ Sarah says. ‘But for all the right reasons. She has taken wrong turns and made decisions that some people would consider ‘bad’, but only to help the people that she loves.’

Luckily for Justin, Ziggy and Ash arrive to find Justin on the ground as Willow flees the scene. 

The trio report the incident to the police, but Justin is reluctant to turn in the pretty brunette. Could he be developing a crush? 

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