Home and Away: Willow’s hell as Dean does a runner

Willow is riddled with guilt when she finds out that Dean has left the Bay.

Caught between a rock and a hard place this week, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) selflessly takes the rap for Willow (Sarah Roberts) over the surf club assault.

Making a confession to Colby (Tim Franklin), Dean insists that

Willow had nothing to do with the crime.

As for Willow, she couldn’t hate herself more – or so she thinks.

‘She is racked with guilt when she learns that Dean looks set to take the fall for her,’ says Sarah. ‘She has caused him enough heartache and doesn’t want to hurt him anymore.’


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But Willow is about to feel worse still when she makes a shock discovery – Dean has disappeared from the Bay!

‘Willow can’t deal with the guilt when she hears this,’ says Sarah. ‘He came to the Bay to set up a new life for himself, and she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if that fell through because of her.’

Has Dean left the Bay for a life on the run?

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