Home and Away: Christina and Hunter’s hot new romance

Will they cross the line?

Things are heating up in the Bay this week – in more ways than one!

Hunter (Scott Lee) has been spending more time with his uni lecturer Christina (Jessica Clarke) lately, after discovering a shared love of fitness.

Following a few flirtatious training sessions, Hunter last week summoned the courage to ask her to dinner.


home and away

After initially declining, Christina received a mysterious text and changed her mind.

The pair bonded over the meal and the next day after their training session, shared a passionate kiss.

Mortified about crossing a line, Christina sped off – leaving a stunned Hunter on the beach.

However, she’s easily charmed when he chases after her and reassures her he enjoyed the kiss.

In Monday’s episode, they continue to flirt after their next training session.


new idea

This is witnessed by Leah, who later quizzes Hunter about his new companion.

He insists she’s just a friend, but Leah (Ada Nicodemou) learns her true identity when Mason (Orpheus Pledger) spills the beans.

Leah confronts Hunter about Christina, warning him that crossing professional boundaries may jeopardise his chances of getting the Comets placement.

Will Hunter take Leah’s advice on board or will he make things official with Christina?

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