Home And Away: Baby joy!

But, things aren't as simple as they seem.
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Overjoyed that their parenthood dream will now be realised, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) are both on cloud nine.

But for how long?

In gripping episodes, Robbo’s increasingly bizarre behaviour over the IVF pregnancy begins to raise major alarm bells, both with Tori and with Robbo’s girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost).

It seems that Robbo – who suffered unthinkable grief when he lost his first family – is fast becoming obsessed with protecting the mother of his unborn child.


As Penny says: “Tori and Robbo both go into this parenthood journey with the best of intentions. However, it proves to be more complicated than they anticipated. They will both have to fight for what they want.”

Indeed, with Robbo sleeping out on Tori’s porch, repeatedly calling her and even breaking a window at her home when there’s no answer, it’s clear his anxiety over the pregnancy is rapidly rising.

And Robbo’s possessiveness of Tori does not escape the attention of a concerned Jasmine.

“Jasmine can obviously understand how much this baby means to Tori and Robbo, but she can’t help but worry and wonder,” says Sam.

“Robbo is becoming more and more single-minded about the pregnancy.”

Confronting Robbo, Jasmine is shocked by what he has to say. And, as Sam reveals, it was a truly memorable scene to film.

“Jake and I do have such a beautiful friendship in real life – we are really good mates,” says Sam. “This scene was just so special, as it was so raw. There was silence in the whole studio at the time.”


Will Robbo’s emotional confession prove the last straw for Jasmine or will it bring the couple even closer together?

“Let’s just say it’s a huge moment in their relationship,” says Sam.

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