Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart strip down for filming

These are seriously steamy photos!
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Home and Away favourites Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart stripped down to their swimmers to film steamy beach scenes for the soap at Sydney’s Palm Beach on May 20.

WATCH: James Stewart says his daughter inspired him to get fit, below! 

Flaunting their toned bodies in the photos, the stars gave fans a sneak peek of what’s coming up for their on-screen characters, Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan. 

And the pictures prove that Summer Bay’s sizzling romance is heating up, and Leah and Justin are more than just good friends. 

ada james palm beach home and away
(Credit: MATRIX)

In the steamy snaps, Ada, 42, and James, 43, are laid out on beach towels on the sand, soaking up the sunshine together.

Of course, they play it safe under the Aussie sunshine, with Ada clutching a bottle of sunscreen in one shot. 

ada james palm beach home and away filming
(Credit: MATRIX)

The pair were all smiles during filming and looked confident while wearing next to nothing.

Showing off their buff bodies, Ada wore a classic black bikini, and James was in boardies. 

Ada has spoken to New Idea before about her body and diet secrets. 

“I think the older I get, the more positive I am about my body,” she revealed in an exclusive chat.

“I like my curves, I feel like a woman and I feel more confident.”

“I try and exercise about three to four times a week – sometimes more sometimes less,” she says of her fitness routine.

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