Gogglebox star Yvie’s outrageous revelation stuns fans

The popular star makes an interesting confession, as offsider Angie opens up on her Dave Hughes scandal.

Gogglebox stars Angie and Yvie instantly become Aussie TV favourites as soon as they debuted on the popular show – but the hilarious duo might just shock fans with some of their revelations this week on WHO’s TV podcast, Binge List.

Guest co-hosting the show along with regulars Matthew Denby, Clare Rigden and Gavin Scott, Yvie left listeners either stunned or in stitches when she casually revealed the way she deals with approaches from strange men, who want to know where they’ve seen her before.

‘When men say, “Where do I know you from?”, I go, do you watch porn?’ revealed the outrageous star. ‘Well that’s where you know me from!’

Cracking up laughing, the duo are clearly tickled by the awkward reactions the joking response apparently creates, including, it seems, from stunned wives.

But the girls weren’t laughing when a recent casual comment by Angie left her in hot water.  Describing comedian Dave Hughes as ‘one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen’, the moment angered Hughes enough that he struck back with his own very unpleasant label for the Gogglebox star.

Speaking on the matter, Angie told Binge List she was upset with herself for making the unkind jibe, for which she has publicly apologised.

‘I made a dreadful mistake that keeps being brought up,’ she said, when asked on the podcast if she’d said anything on the show she now regrets.

‘I’m surprised you haven’t just thrown it in my face right now. I called someone something that I shouldn’t have. And that upset me, but I apologise and I know never to use the word ugly again.

(Credit: Channel 10)

‘We’ve been really lucky except for that one incident. And then everything else is usually so fun and light-hearted.’

While she hasn’t said anything as controversial, Yvie has seen some of her own indiscretions end up on film, says Angie.

‘Yvie farts all the time, she drops her guts,’ says Angie. ‘And [the producers] made a wrap of all my burps, I was like OMG I’m disgusting.’

Adds Yvie: ‘I do forget the cameras are there, but my bra reminds me all the time. I very rarely watch the TV with bra on, normally, when the cameras aren’t there.

‘Nobody needs to see me in my PJs, with no bra on, laying down.’

Besides their one blip with the Dave Hughes scandal, Angie and Yvie say that their run on Gogglebox has been a dream – although it seems that the show is still not paying the kind of money one would expect, given its ongoing success.

‘I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re TV stars,’ says Angie. ‘I mean we’re on TV but being stars involves having lots of money and I definitely don’t have any of that, that’s for sure.

‘But it’s nice to be recognised for being yourself, it’s really rewarding.’

For her part, Yvie says she enjoys the notoriety they’ve gained, and doesn’t have any illusions about her place in the TV pecking order.

‘We’re D-list, definitely D-list celebrities,’ she says. ‘We’re not quite reality TV people, so there is a bit more love than they get.’

To hear Angie and Yvie’s full, hilarious interview, check out this week’s Binge List – details below. 

Gogglebox screens from August 29 on Lifestyle, and Ten from the following Thursday. 

This article originally appeared on WHO. 

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