Dance Boss: Meet the teams

Get to know the teams who will take centre stage!

Get ready to shake your groove thang, as 12 teams take to the stage to compete in the brand new dance competition hosted by Dannii Minogue.

How it works

Dance Boss will see teams of co-workers – from everyday workplaces – with a passion for dancing compete in dance battles for the chance to win a $100,000 pay cheque.

We will first meet our teams in the heats, where they will showcase their preferred dance style with a performance celebrating their careers.

Judges Sharni Vinson, Adam Garcia and Timomatic will give each crew a score out of 30.

Teams are either ‘safe’ or put on ‘notice’ once they dance, depending on whether or not their score is higher than the previous team. Whoever is on ‘notice’ at the end of the night is out of the competition and back to work.

After the heats, teams will go head-to-head in dance battles, before coming together to dance the same routine in a ‘company merger’ – where they will be judged on their skill.

Once again, the team on ‘notice’ will be sent packing.

When the remaining workers have made it through the heats, battles and mergers, only six teams will be left to face each other in the finals to discover which profession becomes the ultimate Dance Boss.

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

The construction guys

Labourer Jeremy (centre), 27, forklift driver Kenny (right), 24, and apprentice landscaper Luca (left), 19, love to bust a move.

‘The atmosphere you have on site is great,’ says Jeremy. ‘You work hard and you pump some tunes…where there’s music, there’s dancing.’

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

The zookeepers

For zookeepers (left to right) Emma, 26, Candice, 28, Sam, 22, Lauren, 26, Melany, 24, and Richelle, 23, this is their chance to show off their wild side.

‘Although we all love our jobs, I think we all felt there was something missing,’ says Richelle. ‘Dance Boss gives us the best of both worlds – our dream careers, but also this expressive outlet.’

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

The airline crew

For aircraft manager Mike (centre), 27, tap dance has always been a passion, ever since he swapped rugby for dancing when he was nine.

Joined by product manager Nicole (right), 40, and flight attendant Bridget (left), 33, these co-workers are about to take off!

‘I know we can go on to achieve bigger and better things,’ says Nicole.

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

Public servants

Musical theatre fans (left to right) David, 26, Angela, 19, Alana, 23, and Garrett, 31, want to show Australia that being a public servant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.

The co-workers have backgrounds in different dance styles, which is their strength.

‘We can learn from each other,’ says Angela. ‘It’s something not all the other teams have.’

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

Marketing guys

Brand ambassadors (left to right) Yasuph, 19, Josh, 26, Amin, 18, say their friendship is an advantage.

‘I don’t think there’s any other group that vibes like we do,’ Amin says.

‘These guys are not only my dance and work buddies, but they are also my best friends.’

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)


When the working day is done, these three paramedics just want to have fun!

‘At work we don’t get to switch off, so dancing is a way of self-care – a great way to look after ourselves when we get home,’ says Tara (right), 31.

Joined by her pals Kyla (centre), 32, and Alli (left), 26, the ambos are ready to take to the stage.

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

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