WATCH Finally the real reason Seyat has gone to ground revealed

Bride & Prejudices' Jess spills the beans

Jess and Seyat are the couple who have had the most tumultuous journey on this season of Bride & Prejudice.

With their wedding set to air tonight, the nation is waiting with baited breath to see what Seyat’s mum Fatima will do during the ceremony.

Seyat and Jess
(Credit: Channel Seven)

At this stage, all things point to a major upset with Seyat going to ground a few weeks ago.

While his fiancé Jess appeared on The Morning Show this morning, there was no sign of the 20-year-old.

“What’s going on? Has he done a big exclusive deal with another network? Why haven’t you guys been on together?” co-host Larry Emdur asked Jess.

Fatima has caused a stir
(Credit: Channel Seven)

The 21-year-old paused before responding: “Um, Seyat’s really busy with work, he’s really full on with work at the moment and it’s quite demanding for him so he does find it quite hard to get away from work.”

Hmmm, sounds a bit suss!

Jess jumps to Seyat's defence
(Credit: Channel Seven)

Perhaps it could explain why Seyat has never appeared on The Morning Show, or is it more an indication of the drama that’s set to come tonight?

“I was anxious heading in,” Jess admitted on TMS when asked about the wedding.

“You’ll all just have to wait and see how I react to whatever happens. It was an anxious time for everyone.”

Watch this space!

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