Are Farmer Wants A Wife’s Dean and Teegan still together?

"From farm to forever!"
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Farmer Dean and Teegan left this season of Farmer Wants A Wife together very early on. But have they stayed together? 

While some sources have alleged that the pair split ahead of the reunion, others assured Yahoo! Lifestyle that they are “still very much together” and “tackling long-distance”.

“Not long after the Reunion, they reconnected and started doing long-distance again and are still taking things slow,” the insider said.

This comes two weeks after Dean and Teegan broke their silence about finding love on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Taking to Dean’s Instagram, the pair wrote a joint statement which read: “From farm to forever! ❤️ So grateful for our incredible journey on Farmer Wants a Wife. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way! 👏.”

Dean and Teegan have left the show together.

Fellow contestant Hayley, from Dean’s farm, was supportive of the romance, writing “Cuties” in the comments, to which Teegan replied with some heart emojis.

Dean confessed his heart belonged to Teegan, 23, on episode six of Farmer Wants A Wife.

After some tension arose between his remaining three women, the 25-year-old took some time away to clear his head.

He returned resolute, letting Bella and Tiffany, down easy when he confessed that his heart belonged to Teegan.

“As soon as we locked eyes I was like…. holy… she’s a stunner,” the farmer told the 23-year-old after organising a romantic date in his shed, complete with flowers and lanterns.

“There’s been a massive connection between me and you since day dot. Along the journey we have just seemed to grow and grow our connection, and obviously that’s what I came here to do.”

A bashful Teegan confessed she had “dreamt” about their future together, a reverie which involved children.

Dean formed a strong connection with Teegan.

“From the moment I stepped foot on the farm, it’s really just felt like home,” she told Dean.

“Teegan, I have fallen in love with you. I want this journey between me and you to start,” the farmer responded before the 23-year-old confessed she was also falling in love.

“If you look on top of the moon right now, I’m there,” Dean gushed, saying he was excited for Teegan to move to the farm so they could start their life together. 

“The farmer has found a wife,” he cheered, before they ended their on-screen journey.

Though short, Dean love story wasn’t without their challenges. In a very MAFS-esque moment of drama, a “secret partner” rumour got in the way of their blossoming connection.

When Dean received an anonymous text that Teegan had a boyfriend on the outside, he told his fellow farmers before the gossip spread to the contestants.

It was Tiffany, from Dean’s farm, who confronted Teegan about the text. When Dean read it out loud, an emotional Teegan walked away crying, but was comforted by her farmer who pulled her into a hug

“It made me pretty upset seeing her crying,” Dean told cameras.

“It made me pretty upset seeing her crying,” Dean told the cameras.

Witnessing this, fellow contestant Hayley realised that Dean and Teegan’s connection was stronger than hers and the farmer, and decided to say her goodbyes.

Despite the setback, Dean reassured Teegan that he was keen to build their connection, and chose her for the solo date.

Hailing from Kandanga, Queensland, Dean is a third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer who is inspired by his parents’ marriage of 30 years and his grandparents’ marriage of 67 years. When it comes to a partner, he’s looking for honesty, loyalty, compassion, and someone with whom he can share a laugh.

“It’s very important to me to be able to easily talk to someone about the highs and lows of our day,” he told Seven. “Being caring, supportive, considerate and respectful to one another is also important.”

Dean describes himself as caring, loving, honest, loyal, dependable, and reliable. “I’m a lover, not a fighter. I take pride in my work ethic, unstoppable passion and  love for my work. I’m always there for my family and mates, no matter what.” 

Teegan, meanwhile, is a childcare educator from NSW who is “willing to give anything a good crack”. 

Have they stayed together?

She describes herself as “outgoing, fun, understanding, and caring” with a good sense of humour. 

As for her blooming relationship with Dean, the 23-year-old considers the farmer “fun” and “carefree” while being on the same page as her when it comes to starting a family. Teegan wants to settle down and have kids in five years, and Dean before he turns 30.

“I can’t wait to create the fourth generation of farmers and teach them everything I know,” the farmer told Seven.

Since leaving the farm, we don’t know exactly how Dean and Teegan’s relationship has progressed. But he told New Idea he has “no regrets” and is happy with the outcome, hinting that they may still be together. 

He and Teegan also still follow each other on Instagram – another good sign.

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