Have the winners of Farmer Wants A Wife leaked?

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With six farmers – Bert, Dustin, Dean, Tom, Todd and Joe – each courting different women on this season of Farmer Wants A Wife, there was an opportunity for a quintet of successful relationships. But will this season’s relationships be as successful as previous years? Well, with the winners all but leaked due to online betting odds, it seems we have the answer.

Two farmers have already found love, and one has left the show solo. But what’s in store for the rest? Scroll on to find out.

Farmer Bert

Who did Farmer Bert choose?

In an unconventional move, Farmer Bert left the show early without finding love – exactly as Sportsbet predicted.

Speaking to New Idea, the 30-year-old explained that the experience “became a bit much” and so he made the difficult decision to withdraw from the show.

“Along the way I lost a bit of love that I had for the farm, and that was my first priority.” he said.

While the pineapple farmer was “doing his best” to keep the farm chugging along in the background, he eventually reached a breaking point.

“I decided it was time for me to step back, and do it in a way that hurt the least people possible. The end goal throughout the whole ordeal was to do my best not to hurt anyone; but that’s probably impossible in that sort of scenario.”

Read our full exclusive interview with Bert right here.

Farmer Dustin

Who will Farmer Dustin choose?

Unlike Famer Bert, all romance isn’t lost with Farmer Dustin – at least, so viewers think.

Devoted fans have tipped Sophie to capture Dustin’s heart, with odds of 1.12 on Sportsbet, followed by Anna, and then the prediction that he leaves show without a relationship.

Farmer Dean (Credit: Seven)

Who did Farmer Dean choose?

Farmer Dean’s victor was named just six episodes in when he confessed his love for Teegan.

But have the pair stayed together? Read more about their relationship here.

Farmer Tom

Who did Farmer Tom choose?

The prediction that Farmer Tom would choose Sarah C proved to be bang on the money!

“Sarah, you are the person that I want a relationship with, and I am falling in love with you,” Tom told her during their final moments on the show.

An elated Sarah confessed she was “excited to move back to the farm” so she could have Tom all to herself, before telling him: “I do love you.”

The crop and cattle farmer replied “I love you too” before the couple sealed the sweet moment with a kiss.

But are they still together? Here’s what we know.

Farmer Joe (Credit: Seven)

Who will Farmer Joe choose?

Fans have also placed their bets on Farmer Joe, who – ever loyal to his remaining women – respectfully rejected returning contestant Olivia when she attempted to switch from Bert’s farm to his.

While Olivia was unsuccessful, viewers think Sarah will win Joe’s heart (with odds of 1.30). More on that here.

Farmer Todd

Who will Farmer Todd choose?

He may have entered the show late as an intruder, but Farmer Todd wasted no time forming connections. As for who fans think he will end up with, their money is on Daisy (1.33).

Whether these predictions are accurate are yet to be seen – we will have to keep watching to find out.

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