Five easy ways to get a more comfortable tummy

There's no need to suffer from digestive discomfort
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Do you suffer from bloating, wind or digestive discomfort? It’s not pleasant, but you don’t have to suffer in silence.

These five simple daily rituals from our wellness team can help you reduce discomfort, keep your tummy comfortable and have you feeling fantastic, inside and out.


Start your day with a glass of warm water and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It’s a gentle way to wake up your digestive system after a long period of rest. You’ll get a vitamin C boost from the lemon and the fresh citrus aroma will wake up your mind as well as your tastebuds. For a bit of extra zing, add some fresh ginger. And remember to keep up your water intake throughout the day, to flush your digestion and keep everything moving.


When you skip breakfast you deprive your body of the vital nutrients it needs to help you concentrate and function at your best. A healthy breakfast including fibre, protein and probiotics will give your body what it needs to do its best work every day.

For a brekky that ticks all the boxes, top a high fibre cereal with probiotic yoghurt. Activia probiotic fruit yoghurt is a good choice, as it’s deliciously creamy and has less sugar than the average fruit yoghurt. It is also the only probiotic yoghurt proven to improve your digestive comfort*. It contains exclusive probiotic Bifidus ActiRegularis®, live bacteria which survive through the stomach and reach the intestines alive.


When it comes to exercise, it doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, just make it a habit. Moving your body focuses your mind, keeps your body supple and helps keep your digestion functioning properly by stimulating your bowels. You don’t have to take up marathon running – just find something you enjoy doing, or that fits easily into your life, like walking the dog or meet up with a friend for a yoga class.


In a busy life, reducing stress can be easier said than done. Stress can upset your digestion and make your tummy feel like it’s in knots. But there are some simple ways to soothe those feelings of tightness and pressure. Simple meditation is a great way to calm your mind and release the tension in your body. Even taking five minutes in your lunch break to sit quietly, close your eyes and take some deep breaths helps to slow your breathing, steady your nerves and calm your mind and body. You’ll find the muscles in your body will relax as well.


If you’ve noticed your digestive discomfort is worse at certain times, have a look at your diet and see if there’s anything in particular setting it off. Takeaway food is a common culprit of tummy troubles, as it’s often high in fat, covered in sugary sauces and eaten on the run. If you really can’t stop to eat and need to grab something on the go, try healthier options such as a salad wrap or a piece of fresh fruit to tide you over until you can have a proper meal. Try also to eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly as you go, so your digestive system doesn’t have to work overtime to digest large pieces of food, which can cause bloating and discomfort.

Also avoid carbonated drinks with meals, as every sip goes down with air bubbles that can cause burping and flatulence. Make water your drink of choice with meals, to help your digestion and keep food moving through your stomach and intestines and on to your bowels. You’ll feel the difference and your stomach will thank you for it.

*By consuming 2 pots of Activia 125g/day during 4 weeks and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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