WATCH: Melbourne bus terror as passenger whips man in frightening scenes

The horrifying incident follows two nude rampages

Just when public transport couldn’t get any scarier, a Melbourne bus passenger has been flogged in the middle of a busy city street following a screaming confrontation that saw passengers flee the vehicle.

The incident began when a man reportedly began yelling at the city bus driver, before he was confronted by an another passenger. It is believed he wanted to get off the bus before its scheduled stop.


Passengers then debarked the bus. In moments captured on camera phones, frightened passengers witnessed a middle-aged man threatening the other with his belt outside Parliament Station on Saturday afternoon.

‘I’m not worried about your belt,’ one man can be heard saying, before fleeing as the other closed in on him.

The belt-wielding man appeared to then flog him before the other man grabbed a metal street barrier to protect himself.

As no report was made to police at the time, no one has been charged. However police are reportedly now investigating the incident.

Bus whipping
Frightening scenes in Melbourne (Credit: Channel 7)

It’s been a drama-filled year for public transport users, with nude belly slides on trains apparently now a thing in Melbourne, with a bunch of videos emerging of a completely naked man doing just that – to the shock of a carriage full of passengers.

The man – sporting what appeared to be an authentic mullet – was then seen doing a run up to slide on his belly down the central aisle, which appears to be lubricated with some kind of fluid.


Another nude incident – on a Sydney bus – recently stunned commuters on the Bondi run.

Channel 7 Sydney obtained footage of the shocking scene on the number 352 bus on Cleveland Street, Chippendale, in Sydney.

The security footage showed the woman at least had the decorum to tap her Opal card, but when she moved to the back of the bus, her clothes came off, in scenes that left her fellow commuters feeling decidedly awkward.

The bus quickly came to a stop and the rest of the passengers evacuated. No arrest was made in either case.


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