Chris Dawson said to be released on Christmas Eve

He spent the weekend in jail.

Chris Dawson is said to be released from jail on Monday 24th December after he was charged with the murder of wife Lynette Dawson.

Dawson, 70, was granted bail last Monday.

His release from Silverwater Correctional Facility was delayed due to the intricacies of his application.

The process towards freedom has been a long one.

Close to two weeks ago, Dawson’s lawyer Greg Walsh made an application for bail, with Dawson’s family offering $1.5 million in security.

Magistrate Robert Williams told the court, “I consider the Crown’s case is not a weak case,” as reported by local media.

The magistrate then granted him bail.

Mr Dawson will report to Maroochydore police station daily and he can not travel more than 20 kilometres from his home.

Lynette Dawson vanished in 1982, and Mr Dawson has now been charged with her murder, after years of speculation surrounding the case. 

Arrested last week, 70-year-old Dawson has always maintained his innocence.

His family previously claimed Lynette ran away in 1982.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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