Wiggle exes Lachy Gillespie and Emma Watkins’ rare video together

Ignoring the missteps along the way.
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The Wiggle‘s Lachy Gillespie and his ex-wife Emma Watkins shared a video together attempting to nail the Piu Piu Tik Tok dance.

WATCH BELOW: Lachy Wiggle and Emma Wiggle attempting Tik Tok dance.

The exes and co-workers filmed the video at a lake in Tauranga, and the pair looked very goofy and happy as they awkwardly attempt to remember the dance steps, but despite their work as performers, the two have a while to go before nailing the routine.

But they aren’t taking it too seriously and are happy just to muck about and have a bit of a laugh at their own expense. 

They also edited the video to include voice clouds to mock Lachy’s inspired attempt, with one pop-up scripted, “Ah, I’ll get there before the end of the tour,” and lastly “Nice one Em,” who has a far better grasp on the steps.

The Wiggles are in New Zealand at the moment. (Credit: Instagram)

Emma posted the same video onto her Instagram with the caption, “Taranga Twinkle Toes. Lachy and I attempting this #dancechallenge.”

The yellow and blue wiggle were married for two years before splitting in April, 2018, and they released a statement together to announce the news of the separation that occurred six months earlier.

Since his divorce from Emma, Lachy has proposed to his ballet dancer fiancee Dana Stephensen after they fell in love on the set of a Wiggles’ DVD special.

In September last year, the couple welcomed twin girls called Lulu and Lottie and in an interview on Channel Seven’s Morning Show, Lachy gushed lovingly about his new additions.

The team is very close. (Credit: Instagram)

“They are so beautiful it makes me emotional looking at them,” said Lachy.

Even though Lachy has moved on, the Wiggle exes are still happily working with one another and publicly support each other.

Last year Lachy paid tribute to Emma on her birthday with an Instagram post dedicated to his former wife.

Lachy and his fiancee Dana Stephensen. (Credit: Instagram)

He captioned the video with the kind message, “Happy Birthday Emino”.

Lachy’s partner even showed her support by liking the birthday post, which proves that everyone gets along with one another, so basically, there are no dramas to see here.

As for their moves, they may want to take a little more time to practice before making any serious posts for the high standards of Tik Tok’s audience.

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