Meet the ‘King of Chocolate’ Amaury Guichon, the new judge on MasterChef Dessert Masters

His larger than life chocolate creations have to be seen to be believed!
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World-famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon is the latest celebrity chef to join the prestigious judging panel of MasterChef Australia. 

WATCH NOW: Amaury Guichon creates a life sized chocolate giraffe. Article continues after video. 

Ahead of his upcoming judging gig on world first spin-off MasterChef Dessert Masters, alongside Melissa Leong, Amaury made a very special appearance in the MasterChef Secrets and Surprises Grand Finale on Sunday the 16th of July. 

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Tasking the final two – Brent and Rhiannon – with re-creating his incredibly intricate (and delicious) coffee chocolate pocket watch in just five hours and 45 minutes, Amaury proved that he was every bit the master chocolatier as his reputation suggests. 

The pocket watch in question. (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst we don’t yet have an air date for MasterChef Dessert Masters, filming has wrapped. 

Speaking of the talented cast competing for the cool $100,000 prize money, Amaury said he had been “blown away.”

“I am so happy to be in Australia to experience its unique pastry scene and be a part of Dessert Masters. What I’ve experienced so far, I haven’t seen in a long time – a tight-knit community of chefs who share great camaraderie, skills, and passion for their craft.” 

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“This is a once-in-a-lifetime cast of incredibly talented pastry chefs and it is an honour to be judging them,” he added.

“Their creations are so good, I think audiences will want to lick the television screen!”

Amaury’s reputation preceeds him. (Credit: Instagram)

But let’s backtrack a little bit. 

We know Amaury will be judging MasterChef Dessert Masters, but what makes him qualified to do so? 

The 32 year old is a French-Swiss pastry chef that has amassed an incredible 11.7m followers on Instagram, 10.1m followers on Youtube, 13m on Facebook and 21m followers on TikTok. 

On the regular, Amaury shares behind the scenes videos of his absolutely unreal chocolate designs – each amassing tens of millions of views in the process – as he expertly crafts everything from life sized giraffes, to the Statue of Liberty, to fake fruits, musical instruments, pop culture characters and more. 

The Statue of Liberty (except it’s made from chocolate). (Credit: Instagram)

After beginning his culinary career at the tender age of 14 in 2005, Amaury went on to work at a number of prestigious restaurants, notably becoming an executive pastry chef at Hugo & Victor Patisserie and Chocolaterie in Paris, France at the age of just 21.  

From there, Amaury starred in France reality cooking series Who will be the next great pastry chef? where he placed third. 

This foray with fame catapulted his career to new heights, and the chocolate purveyor moved to Las Vegas in the United States of America, where he worked as a private consultant and conducted masterclasses. 

Yes, this is a life sized juvenile chocolate giraffe. (Credit: Instagram)

Amaury then co-founded The Pastry Academy with fellow pastry chef, Michel Ernots, and published a cookbook with all his top tips and tricks for working with chocolate – The Art of Flavour – in 2018. 

Then in 2021, Amaury hosted Netflix original series, School of Chocolate, where contestants were tasked with creating elaborate chocolate sculptures. 

For those looking to try their hand at edible chocolate art, Amaury also sells numerous tools on his website to help you get started. 

And of course, he sells his own brand of chocolate, because how could he not?!? 

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