Waleed’s emotional news about his son’s autism

The Project host gets candid
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The Project host Waleed Aly stunned viewers on Monday night when he opened up about his son’s autism diagnosis and his struggles with the diagnosis, after a segment about the condition hit home with the TV star. 

WATCH: Waleed Aly explains how his son’s autism affected him and his family

Waleed made the confessions after he was particularly moved by a segment about comedian Tom Gleisner and his organisation, Learning For Life Autism Centre.

His son Zayd, 11, who he shares with wife Susan Carland was diagnosed with autism in 2011, which Waleed said was a “major” thing for the family. 

“I didn’t worry, it didn’t hit me in the face — it actually explained a lot of things and it opened up doors,” Waleed said of Zayd’s diagnosis.

He went on to say that once he and his wife were aware of the condition, they had to adjust their communication style when dealing with their son.    

“Then what happens is you’ve got to try and re-orientate everything, so that you’re communicating with the kid in a way that actually works with the way their brain works,” he said. 

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The Project host went on to explain he didn’t know what his son’s “ceiling” was, which left him with a lot of questions. 

“So all the things that you would normally take for granted like when they have a career, when they get married or whatever, you’re just facing an unknown,” he explained. 

But breakthroughs were giving new hope to concerned parents. 

“When you see something you don’t know is possible happen it changes your world, it’s really powerful,” he said.  

Waleed and Susan also have a 15-year-old daughter, Aisha.

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