Posh and Becks’ shock public fight

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Recent pictures show Victoria and David Beckham having a public fight, with the former Spice Girl looking visibly upset and putting her hand up at her husband as he attempted to calm her down.

Sources close to the couple reveal to New Idea how the pair have had to deal with a tough time over the past year, with communication between the two breaking down.

“David and Victoria have had the year from hell and they’re still navigating through some extremely difficult times, which have been causing a string of heated rows due to the heightened tension between them,” the source spills.

david victoria fight
(Credit: Austral Scope)
david victoria fight
(Credit: Austral Scope)

“Vic feels as if she’s been pushed to rock bottom and can’t take anymore – telling pals she’s at breaking point and fears one more thing could push her over the edge,” they continue.

According to the insider – with rumours about David and Harper’s teacher forcing the couple to shoot down divorce reports; David partying with supermodels and describing their marriage as “hard work”; claims Rebecca Loos is moving just a stone’s throw from their London home; plus the drama with David’s sister and her custody battle – it’s been one thing after another.

This has left Victoria feeling lower than ever as well as angry with David for causing so much drama and added speculation about their marriage.

david helena
David with supermodel Helena Christensen earlier this year (Credit: Helena Christensen/Instagram)

“While David insists that it’s all vicious lies and blames her for getting ‘sucked in’ by the drama, it riles her up even more as she accuses David of not understanding her or not having any compassion and making her insecurities seem trivial,” the source adds.

And while Victoria’s trying really hard to plaster on a brave face and put on a united front with David in public, she’s finding it harder and harder to do.

The resentment has reached an all-time high and it’s leading to constant tension-fuelled rows and her snapping at him more because she’s got such a short fuse and has been so angered by his actions and behaviour.

david bella hadid
David with model Bella Hadid at a football match in France (Credit: Getty Images)

The source says the couple have gone to LA for a much-needed break and to celebrate Victoria’s birthday.

But she’s told pals how she’s already feeling lonely as David’s been off hanging out with his mates and doing his own thing.

She’s feeling let down as she thought he’d planned a romantic break for them to have some alone-time without the kids – which it turns out he hasn’t done.

“She loves David and wants things to be OK but right now she’s feeling like she’s the only one trying to make the marriage work or put any sort of effort into it and she’s sick of feeling like the needy one trying to cling onto him while he carves out a life away from her in Miami and has a big social circle to keep up with in comparison to her very small network of friends.”

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“Vic’s repeatedly asked him to plan their 20th wedding anniversary celebrations, telling him the ball’s in his court as she’s sick of him leaving everything up to her, and she’s told pals that she’s worried he’s going to let her down again and ruin their big day.”

But that said, despite their issues, the couple are still strong and will get through their tough times.

“David’s assured her he’s planning something special and has told her to stop expecting the worst of him as that’s what leads to their huge rows and makes him not want to be around her, so she’s praying that he can make up for everything that’s happened so they can finally put it behind them and move on from what she’s described as ‘the year from hell.’”

Last year Victoria shut down the divorce rumours saying, “People have been making things up about our relationship for 20 years, so David and I are pretty used to ignoring the nonsense and just carrying on as normal,” she told British Vogue.

“But these things have a wider effect on the people around us, and that’s unfair.”

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