Victoria Beckham’s anguish as David calls in the lawyers

"Vic's trying to keep her wits about her, but she's admitted that she's a nervous wreck"
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This week, news broke that David Beckham’s father Ted, 71, was dating multimillionaire lawyer Hilary Meredith, 60, 17 years after divorcing his wife Sandra. And now sources reveal to New Idea that Victoria is getting anxious about the new relationship.

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Rumours that their own marriage may be on the rocks have been circling the British star couple and now the mother-of-four is said to be worried that if they were to separate, her husband would be able to get his affairs in order quite quickly by seeking advice from Hilary’s firm.

A close family friend revealed: “Posh is absolutely petrified about Ted’s relationship with Hilary – immediately freaking out when she realised the lawyer’s firm specialises in family law – telling pals that she was convinced David’s seeking advice from her.

“She started researching [Hilary] and her practice – convincing herself that if David wanted to get out of their marriage, he could now do so easily,” they added. “Vic has been sobbing to pals as she revealed her paranoia about his upcoming trip to spend time with Hilary and his dad at her home in Majorca.”

“Victoria was fuming when she realised David had arranged to go at a time when he specifically knew she had work commitments and wouldn’t be able to make it and has worked herself up into a frenzy about how he’s disguising the trip as a chance to speak to her.”

According to the source, Victoria has been secretly keeping tabs on his phone and emails to try to catch him out, and even looking into hiring a spy in Majorca to follow David’s moves and feed information back to her.

“Pals have urged her to stay calm but she’s convinced herself that Hilary is going to be the woman who finally helps David do what he’s been trying to do for a year, advising him and guiding him in the most discreet way given her close ties to him and his dad,” the source claims.

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“Vic’s trying to keep her wits about her, but she’s admitted that she’s a nervous wreck and it’s only a matter of time before she breaks and confronts him about her conspiracy.”

Despite celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in June, rumours of a split have plagued the pair for the past year and Victoria’s paranoia may likely be due to the stress, as she is no doubt trying to shelter their four children – Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 14, and Harper, 8 – from the gossip.


“David and Victoria have had the year from hell and they’re still navigating through some extremely difficult times, which have been causing a string of heated rows due to the heightened tension between them,” a source previously spilled.

“Vic feels as if she’s been pushed to rock bottom and can’t take anymore – telling pals she’s at breaking point and fears one more thing could push her over the edge,” they continued.

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The couple had to recently shoot down divorce reports after David was spotted partying with supermodels, and described their marriage as “hard work”.

Now, with news that former glamour model Rebecca Loos – who was caught up in an alleged affair with David – has apparently moved close to their London home, Victoria is said to be feeling lower than ever.

Hopefully, for the fashion designer, her anxiety over her father-in-law’s new flame will soon pass and the Beckhams will be able to move on from this latest hurdle.

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