Victoria Beckham looks tense amid split rumours

Have the couple reached their breaking point?
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Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving London’s Texture Restaurant with her husband David and son Brooklyn on Nov. 21.

But, what should have been a fun family dinner appears far from it!

The fashion designer was visibly tense as she left the restaurant and the couple avoided cameras. 

Victoria, who was sporting a vibrant yellow suit with a black blouse and rose gold accessories, attempted to cover her face from cameras as she hopped in the car.

Victoria beckham
Victoria appeared tense as she left the restaurant. (Credit: Media Mode)
Victoria beckham
The fashion designer tried to hide her face in the car. (Credit: Media Mode)

What’s more, the outing comes amid rumours that the couple have reached breaking point in their relationship following a series of attempted break-ins on their mansion.

Victoria has reportedly become fixated on the security of their properties installing new cameras on all their properties so she can keep watch from wherever they are.  

But, David is apparently fed up with her behaviour!   

Victoria and David Beckham
Victoria’s obsessive behaviour has reportedly pushed their relationship to the brink. (Credit: Getty Images)

“She is a control-freak who has always obsessed over every little detail of her life and appearance — and he’s a more easy-going lad who enjoys a party,” a source told Radar Online.

“He agrees they need to be mindful of security, but Victoria, as usual, is taking things to extremes.

“She constantly logs on to their CCTV cameras to see if anyone is targeting their houses in the English countryside, London and America, and is being her usual twitchy self over the issue.”


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