This Is What Victoria Beckham Eats Every Day

The former ‘Posh Spice’ is known for her fashion sense and statuesque beauty.

Victoria Beckham is more than footballer David Beckham’s wife – she’s a fashion icon in and of herself. And at age 45, she’s looking better than ever. So what’s the former Spice Girl’s secret?

No, it’s not makeup or plastic surgery. Turns out, it’s discipline…in both the kitchen and the gym. In fact, Beckham is notorious for her incredibly strict diets and a workout routine that would make even seasoned athletes break a sweat. 

Discover why VB is in the best shape of her life, what she eats, and if expert nutritionists give her diet a stamp of approval – all that and more in this guide!

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Who Is Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham (formerly known as Victoria Adams) is a British fashion designer, businesswoman, and singer. She was first introduced to the world as Posh Spice in the hit ‘90s girl group Spice Girls, producing hits such as “Wannabe”, “2 Become 1”, “Spice Up Your Life”, and “Stop”.

When the group split in 2000, Victoria pursued a solo career with singles like “Out of Your Mind” and “Not Such An Innocent Girl”. In true Posh Spice fashion, Beckham launched her own clothing label in 2008 and soon became a regular at New York Fashion Week. Earlier this year, she announced that she’ll be producing a makeup line as well under Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Victoria Beckham’s Diet Plan

What Does Victoria Beckham Eat?

If you want to eat like Victoria Beckham, then the word you need to keep in mind is ‘clean’. Before breakfast, Beckham takes a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, as evidenced by an Instagram story from earlier this year. 

Then, she’ll either have a bowl of Ezekiel grain cereal with berries and unsweetened almond milk, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, or one of her favourite ‘green monster smoothies’ – a powerful plant-based blend of spinach, apples, kiwis, and avocados. Speaking of avocados, you should load up; VB claims she eats three to four avocados a day.

For lunch or dinner, the former Posh Spice prefers lean fish and sushi to other kinds of protein. She’ll usually pair this with some greens, like a side salad or broccoli and beans. As a snack, Beckham stays away from indulgent junk food and sticks to grilled seed mixes and fruits.

As for food to avoid, Victoria Beckham doesn’t eat dairy – so no cow’s milk or cheese.

Did Victoria Beckham Have An Eating Disorder?

Rumours of an eating disorder started circulating in the early 2000s. Victoria Beckham’s weight loss after getting pregnant and giving birth to her first son sparked concerns that the pop star was anorexic and bulimic. She later admitted to unhealthy body image issues and disordered eating in her book Learning to Fly

While in the Spice Girls, Beckham was under a lot of pressure to be thin. She started running and taking meals in liquid form to keep in shape. Victoria then began binging and purging, a characteristic of bulimia nervosa.

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Is It Safe To Try Out Victoria Beckham’s Diet For Yourself?

While most dieticians agree that switching to a diet full of fats (like in avocados), protein (fish), and greens is much healthier than the average person’s diet, several experts agree that what Beckham eats isn’t enough to give you your minimum daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Even Victoria herself has to take a ton of supplements – including 12 vitamins, 22 amino acids, and 28 minerals – just to keep her health and energy levels up.

Aside from the fact that working-class people probably couldn’t thrive on this diet, it’s also relatively expensive and inaccessible to the average person. 

The verdict? You can try out this diet if you want to, but make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. But you could probably have a much healthier and less restrictive diet – and for a much lower cost, too.

Victoria Beckham’s Workout Routine

In addition to her super-strict diet, Victoria Beckham has a wild exercise regimen that most people probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with. She works out every day…sometimes even multiple times a day. 

It starts with a 5:30 AM 5-kilometre run. After, she works with a personal trainer to target her legs, arms, and core. Beckham has revealed that she’s a fan of the famous Tracy Anderson Method as well as soul cycling.

She manages to squeeze in an hour or so of working out before taking the kids to school, but it doesn’t end there. The mum-of-four actually spends another hour in the gym before heading to work.

‘Wannabe’ Posh Spice?

The Victoria Beckham diet and workout routine requires a lot of discipline. While it may come easy to Posh Spice herself (and it shows in her rockin’ bod), it’s likely going to be very difficult (and expensive) for the average person – try with caution!

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