US report: Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery ‘spiralling out of control’

An outrageous claim has been made
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A new report from the US has made outrageous claims about Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman’s so-called ‘obsession with surgery’.

According to the National Enquirer’s outlandish report, the 51 year-old actress has “mapped out a bonkers blueprint” and is trying “every wacky trick in the book” in a desperate bid to stay forever young.

“Nicole has embarked on a search for the foundation of youth and things are getting truly weird,” the Enquirer’s source claims.

The publication goes further to sensationally suggest the Big Little Lies actress has spent over $1m on “years of botox and filler injections,” and a string of surgeries that have left her “preserved,” tattles an insider.

The wacky report suggests the star has “scientists doing experiments on cutting-edge treatments that will turn back time.

“Nicole loves her health and beauty treatments, which is why she embraces so many weird and wonderful procedures,” continues the source.

“It’s an open secret she wants to live to at least 100, and she’ll do what it takes to get there!”

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Despite the fact Nicole has always denied having undergone the knife, the Enquirer makes unsubstantiated claims that the star’s regimen includes “pig placenta facials, acupuncture, ultrasound blasts that shake the house, and skin grafted from her butt to her face.”

“She does all sorts of night-time treatments because her anxiety about ageing keeps her awake.

“She’s installed a coffin in her room!” the source absurdly claims.

“She climbs in and the temperature in the area around her face drops to a frigid 30 -1C to lock in the collagen in her cheeks!”

Nicole hasn’t responded to the silly allegations. 

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